Top10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

If you had an infinite amount of money flowing from your wallet, how would you spend your time? The first thing that comes to most peoples minds is travel! They dream about all of the places that they would like to visit. This article can assist you in your dreaming as it lists the top ten most expensive hotels in the world.

Number 10: The Martinez Hotel, Penthouse Suite – $18,000

If you choose to enjoy France in your travels a must stop is the Martinez Hotel in the beautiful costal city of Cannes. The Penthouse suite lists number ten on our list of the most expensive hotels in the world.

It is the most expensive suite on the Cote d’Azur and not only because it is the biggest or because it is the only one to have a wrap around terrace. The magical atmosphere of both of the two suites is enhanced by the jacuzzi, open bar, numerous plasma televisions, kitchen and the butler that is always on call. We can’t forget to mention the limousine that will take you where you want when you want.

Number 09: The Burj Al Arab, Royal Suite

Dubai is a must stop for any wealthy traveller. For the same price as the penthouse suite in the Martinez Royal — $18,000 per night — you can stay at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

You will taste the true flavor of the arabian royalty with this suites’ Marble floors and Mahogany furniture, which includes a rotating bed. If you get tired of the jacuzzi you can also choose to relax in your private cinema.

Number 8: The Ritz-Carlton Moscow, Ritz-Carlton Suite $18,200

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

When you stop off in Moscow — the city with the most millionaires in the world — you should choose to stay in the Ritz-Carlton Suite which will give you the incredible views of the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Christ the Savior Cathedral without having to leave your room!

The living room, dining area, office room, library, and game room are all finely furnished in a Classic Russian Imperial style. You will get all of this for just $18,200 per night!
Number 7: The Park Hyatt, Paris – $20,000

The most expensive place that you can stay while you enjoy Paris is the Imperial Suite at the Park Hyatt. The suite has a romantic view of the city including the Vendôme colume. If you need to take care of buisiness you will enjoy the high tech office space, but don’t forget to take some time out to enjoy the private spa with a whirlpool bath, and steam room.

Number 6: The Atlantis, Bridge Suite – $24,500

There’s no better place to stay while you visit the Bahamas then the Bridge Suite at the Atlantis. As the name implies the suite is situated on a bridge between two towers giving it an incredible view all the way around. With the ten rooms in the suite you can bring along your friends also!

Number 5: The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo – $25,000

If Japan is on your agenda the Ritz Carlton is a great place to stay while in Tokyo. Placed on the 53rd floor, it seems that you can see the entire city from the suite, but the most spectacular views are of the Imperial palace and its’ the gardens. The marble bathroom is really amazing but is beat by the private indoor pool and personal gym. You will be worry free during your stay with the personal concierge that will take care of your every need.

Number 4: Westin Excelsior, Villa la Cupula Suite, Rome – $29,000

This suite takes up two floors directly underneath the famous cupola of this historic hotel. Just the suite is 6,099 square feet not including the 1,808 square feet of balconies. The style is very Roman, complete with frescos, a Pompeian style jacuzzi, stained glass windows, a private kitchen, a private wine collection that includes over 150 types of wine. It also includes a private studio and theatre.

Number 3: Four Seasons Hotel, New York – $34.000

This hotel offers breathtaking views of the city that never sleeps, you might not want to sleep either in order to enjoy the luxuries that the suite offers! The suite is detailed with mother of pearl inlaid into the walls along with fabrics woven with gold and platinum. The suite even includes a waterfall, spa and personal trainer at your disposition! If you decide to leave the suite you can choose between a Maybach or a Rolls-Royce to take you effortlessly through the city!

Number 2: Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa – $40,000

This suite was built as a small scale model of the original playboy mansion, although by small scale we don’t mean that it’s small! It is complete with a glass elevator, a mirror ceiling above the rotating bed and a jacuzzi that extends over the hotel with incredible views! Among all the ‘normal’ services in a suite like this there is also a personal poker table.
Number 1: President Wilson Hotel, Royal Penthouse Suite, Genoa – $53,000

The number one among the most expensive hotels in the world is the imperial suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Genoa. The suite consists of the entire top floor of the President Wilson Hotel. The views of Mont Blanc and Lake Genoa are impressive, but the luxury that this suite offers is even more impressive! In a truly Swiss fashion the suite is contemporary style. It includes a library, cocktail lounge and a billiards table, surely enough to entertain the 40 guests that it can hold, or the 26 that can sit at its’ grand dinning room table. The security is of primary concern with its’ bullet proof windows and high tech security systems making it fit for the most important of guests.

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