Top Ten Safest US Cities to Live In Today

Whenever anyone creates a list of superlatives, or a top 10 type of list there has to be some subjective opinions in the mix, but there needs to be some good reasons behind the decisions too. This is why this list of the top 10 safest US cities to live is a good one. There are compelling reasons for the rankings.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona comes in at the top of the list due to its low amount of violent crimes. There are only 177 violent crimes per year for each 100,000 residents. The violent crimes in Scottsdale are far less than the national average. Scottsdale is ranked as one of the premier golfing and resort communities in the nation. While the cost of living is high, the median income and wealth is very high as well. There is a thriving tourist industry as well as many fine recreational and varied things to as tourists tour the “old west”.
2. Plano, Texas also does well in the violent crime category, as their crime statistics are well below the national average. The city is extremely safe and the overall cost of living is low, and the rate of educational success is in the higher echelons of the nation. Plano could be considered a bedroom community of Dallas, which is nearby. It also has several major employers such as Dell, Frito Lay, Capital One, Dr. Pepper and others.
3. Virginia Beach, Virginia has good warm weather, great beaches and a low crime rate, which bodes well for a good place to live. The town has a very small crime rate in both violent and property crimes. Real estate, defense and tourism are the main industries of Virginia Beach and it has a median income of $48.700.
4. Fremont, California is a good place to live due to a low violent crime rate as well as property crimes. It is the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay area and is a suburb of San Francisco. The city has a large population of Asian Indians as well as the Chinese, who work in the computer tech industries. The area is looked at as a suburb that is desirable to live in due to its proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
5. Honolulu, Hawaii is a city that enjoys a low violent crime rate, which is surprising for a city as large as it is. Even though it has a large number of tourists, the crime rate is still 18% less than the national average. Honolulu is the financial hub of the Hawaiian Islands and is the natural portal for both east and west meeting, with tourist revenues reaching into the tens of millions of dollars every year.

Honolulu, Hawaii
6. San Jose, California has a lot going for it with its warm weather and sunny beaches. It has a good median income of $88,000 and has an excellent educational system. The crime index in San Jose is 19% less than the national average. San Jose sits in the middle of Silicon Valley, which has propelled family incomes and property values to great heights.
7. Anaheim, California is the home of Disneyland and even with a large tourist trade, the overall crime index is only 17% of the national average. With the growth of the Disney Resort complex and other resorts and amusement facilities, Anaheim has become the Mecca of tourism and resort amenities.
8. Fort Wayne, Indiana has a good overall crime rate compared to the national average and the cost of living is 10% less than the national average. Fort Wayne is multidimensional in its business and industrial mix, giving the residents a good variety of occupational choices. The defense industry also employed thousands.
9. Santa Ana, California has a lesser overall crime rate the rest of the nation and is safer than 22.1% of the cities of the USA. The city is the corporate headquarters of several national companies, such as Behr Paint, CoreLogic, First American Corporation, as well as regional headquarters for Xerox, and T-Mobile.
10. Garland, Texas is a city that has good overall weather and very affordable living. It has a good median household income of $65,000 and better overall crime rate statistics. Garland is known for having one of the lowest poverty rates in the United States, which is a major factor in determining the quality of life.

These different cities all have some things in common such as low crime rates, quality living areas, good police and fire protection and stable government leadership. Adequate recreational facilities and a mature society are other hallmarks that make for good communities when ranking the safest US cities to live

A community that is involved in wholesome pursuits, one that has a good multi-tiered educational system and a variety of religious venues, will always do well in the arena of safe living, and these communities are no exception when it comes to the top ten safest US cities to live.

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