Top Ten Protests of All Time

When people start thinking of people protesting, what makes a great country is for their people to be able to speak against what they don’t believe in and stand up for what they do believe in. Listed below are the top ten protest of all times, some have specific dates and locations, some are ongoing.

Number 10: This is a huge protest that is constantly ongoing and both sides are fully engaged and fully believe in what they are protesting. The pro-life protest is still ongoing with people still protesting and picketing in front of abortion clinics. This protest will not stop any time soon and that is what people believe in and they stand for what is important to them.

Number 9: Occupy Wall Street saw over 3,000 people come together to take over Wall Street and protest corruption and greed. The protesters were not allowed to occupy Wall Street but the message was delivered and they are determined not to let it go away.

 Occupy Wall Street

Number 8: How strange is this The Tea Party movement where people protested big government and had such big names as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman make noise. The Tea Party whether you agree or disagree has made the Republican Party relevant again.

Number 7: Now this may seem like it might be repeated later on, but trust me, this protest is a class all of its own.  The Black Power movement was a different way to fight racism and the Black Power movement believed basically by any means necessary.

Number 6: The Travon Martin protest. Many people across the United States decided to wear hoodies to protest the death of the teenager, and many sports celebrities even decided to take time to honor the young man after the suspect was found not guilty.

Number 5: The Labor Movement; fighting for workers’ rights. This movement and protest helped to build the power of Unions down the road. A lot of the benefits that workers have now is thanks to this protest.

Number 4: The gay rights movement. Back in 1969 is when this protest started it boiled over to the point that there was violence between police officers and gay and lesbian community.

Number 3: The Womens movement began back in 1848 and it gained momentum after the Seneca Falls Convention which is where women were finally given the right to vote.

Number 2: The protest against the Viet Nam war. In 1969 over 500,000 people marched on Washington Dc to voice their displeasure against the United States being the in the war. That is one of the harshest protest of all times because a lot of times soldiers coming home from the war were the victim of the protest.

Number 1: The Famous March for civil rights. August 26, 1963 where protesters marched on DC and where Martin Luther King made his world famous I Have A Dream Speech.

I have to add an honorable mention to the original Boston Tea Party which led to the American Revolution.


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