Top Ten Bizarre Phobias

We’ve all heard of some crazy phobias – from being watched by ducks, to falling down a toilet, there are phobias for all kinds of weird scenarios or objects. So, what are some of the most bizarre phobias? Read on and find out.

10) Ablutophobia


Taking a bath, for most of us, forms an essential part of our hygiene routine. However, for those who suffer from Ablutophobia, they are unable to wash or clean due to an intense fear of it. This should not be confused with the fear of cleanliness, as that refers to the dread of the actual cleaning process itself.

9) Spectrophobia

Another daily routine for many of us is getting ready in front of a mirror. Yet there is a specific phobia, Spectrophobia, or one’s own reflection. This can be a reflection in a mirror, window or even puddle. It is usually caused after the sufferer believes to have seen ghostly apparitions by looking at themselves in a mirror.

8) Cathisophobia

While I type this, I am sitting down; you too are probably sat down as you read this. Unless of course you suffer from Cathisophobia; a fear of sitting down.  It can be so severe that those suffering can have anxiety attacks when sat on the toilet, or begin to sweat heavily when sat at a desk or on a sofa.

7) Scopophobia

Those who suffer from Scopophobia have a fear of being seen or being stared at – it is the extreme fear of drawing attention to oneself. As a result, they become aloof to others and are unapproachable. They want to stay at home or stay secluded as much as possible. If they do go out, they tend to cover themselves.

6) Peladophobia

For those who suffer Peladophobia, they are unable to be near a bald person. This can be mild, where they are unable to be in a small space with a bald person. For others, they may suffer a full blown panic attack every time they see a bald or balding man/woman.


5) Chrometophobia 


How can anyone develop a fear of money? Almost everyone needs it, and most have to deal with it on an everyday basis. This is not a fear of getting rich, which does exist. It is the fear of handling money. Some theorize that this phobia stems from an obsessive compulsive disorder constituting a fear of germs that notes may carry.

4) Arachibutyrophobia

This phobia has become well known as one of the most bizarre phobias. This phobia pertains to fear of having peanut butter sticking on one’s palate. Those who suffer from this tends to avoid peanut butter at all costs. No-one has been able to figure out what causes this fear.

3) Papaphobia

Millions of people flock to see the Pope every-year, except for those who suffer from Papaphobia. A person with this phobia may not only fear the Pope himself, but may also be fearful of the Roman Catholic Church.

2) Triskaidekaphobia


One of the most common fears, but also one of the most bizarre phobias is Triskaidekaphobia; the fear of the number 13. Even Adolf Hitler suffered from this crazy phobia. There is also a specific fear of Friday the 13th and is known as Paraskavedekatriaphobia.

  1. Phobophobia

Believe it or not, there is an actual fear of phobias. The risk of acquiring this phobia is greater for those who already suffer from a certain phobia. What makes phobophobia one of the most bizarre phobias is that the sufferer does not seem to respond to any external stimuli, just an internal sentiment that the sufferer has.

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