Top Ten Benefits Of Swimming

Are you thinking about taking up swimming as a form of exercise, or are you already a mild swimmer. Well if you are a mild swimmer maybe after reading these top ten benefits of swimming maybe you may want to become a more avid swimmer. So let’s take a look at the top ten benefits of swimming.

Number 10: Swimming overall is a very fun way to exercise. Sometimes when people exercise they feel like it is more of a chore then something that they enjoy, but swimming overall is fun.

Number 9: Most people do not know this or maybe they just don’t recognize it but swimming is good for your skin. It can help your skin look younger, softer for a lady and overall healthier.

Number 8: One of the biggest things that cause heart problems is stress. Well swimming is a good way to relax and let the stress leave your body. The soothing water will help the stress melt away.

Number 7: Most people know that sex is a wonderful way to burn calories, well so is swimming. Now I am not sure how many calories you will burn because it depends on a couple of things, for example what type of strokes you are doing and how long you are swimming.


Number 6: When a person chooses to work out at a gym a lot of the exercises that people do are very high impact on your body and on your joints and that can be dangerous over time. Just ask anyone who has ever suffered with shin splints. The good news is that swimming is not high impact at all, as a matter of fact it is the exact opposite.

Number 5: When you swim it requires that you use multiple joints. Think about it, you use your arms, legs, hips, neck and head. All of these body parts are moving and because of that it will give your body much more flexibility.

Number 4: Now this is probably a strange one for a lot of people but it is true. It will give you much better muscle tone and strength. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an out of shape swimmer?

Number 3: Because of the fact that with swimming you will be using you be doing a lot of breathing and that will help to strengthen your lungs. It will help you to keep your respiratory track open and healthy.

Number 2: Because you are working out and utilizing a lot of different body parts and keeping your stress level lower, it will help to control your blood pressure. Anything that helps keep your blood pressure under control, it is a good thing.

Number 1: Swimming is a cardio activity. Because of the fact that you will be doing a very strong cardio activity it is going to be very valuable to protecting your heart and also making your heart stronger.

Swimming is a wonderful exercise and most people did not know all the benefits that can come from it.

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