Top 10 Weird Jobs in the World

At times one has to do all they can to put bread on the table, here is a list of weird jobs that people will do for money.

  1. Professional Whistler

Professional Whistler

Turns out whistling can become a profession especially with the ability to whistle in tune. In line with this position is also the ability to mimic nature for instance, bird calls.

  1. Professional Zombie

This job pays well for a job where one gets to wear garish makeup all day and utter nonsensical sounds while shuffling unsteadily or do whatever else it is that zombies are said to do, like eating brains.

  1. Egg Breakers

These are also referred to as egg smellers. These poor souls have the unenviable task of separating the whites from the yolks as well as smelling eggs to check for rottenness.

  1. Hair boiler

Turns out even hair can be boiled. This is done make it curl for various purposes and with the memory of how hair stinks when burnt, this does not sound so interesting after all.

  1. Chicken Sexer

How about spending a whole day looking at the insides of chicks, real ones not girls. This task is done by experts who have to weed out the different sexes for their various purposes. It is a job that requires training as the reproductive organs are within the body of the chick and they are also delicate.

  1. Cow hoof trimmer

Cow hoof trimmer

To enhance milk production and quality, dairy cows have to have a pedicure. This job entails clipping the hooves and ensuring there is no infection or injury on the hoof.

4 Pet Food Tester

Just as human food is tested by humans, pet food has to be tested too and it is hard to expect any pet to give feedback on varying foods. A human has to become the best friend and ensure that the meals taste great for these friends of humans.

  1. Oyster Floater

Oysters have to be flushed with clean water in a barge until there is no impurity remaining. The smell here may not be exactly appealing but someone has to do the job for sea food lovers to enjoy their delicacies.

  1. Nasty Stunt Producer

In all these Survivor and Fear factor shows, someone has to do all the dirty work to ensure that the insects, worms and other weird things that can be eaten are safe for human consumption.  This also involves looking into other nasty factors of the challenges.  Bearing in mind some of the productions, this is certainly not a regular day at the office.

  1. Body Farm Caretaker

Body Farm Caretaker

It turns out to make a great forensic expert one has to work with dead bodies and not just one. There are farms that are specifically made by dropping dead bodies arranged in a particular way for students to be able to observe bodies rotting.  Someone will therefore have the job of arranging, collecting and cleaning up after the dead bodies are done with.

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