Top 10 Richest People in the World

A world is a really different and diverse place, the phenomenon that you see here you may never see anywhere in your entire life.

Although there is a major portion of this universe where people are living from their hand to mouth and sometimes they have nothing to eat at all because the poverty has over shadowed their lives, yet there are many people who hold wealth enough or equivalent to the billions of people of this planet.

Everyone wants to become rich, famous and successful and sometimes they work really very hard to earn the place that most of the people have already achieved in their lives but on the contrary there are some people who by the virtue of their long lasting struggles, hard works and strategies earn their money and make their way to the top where no one comes in comparison to their money and wealth.

These people are the richest people on the earth that we have.  Following is a list of all those people who by their clever mind and strategies became the richest person in the world and now they own so much wealth there is no measure of it. The Top 10 Richest People in the World are given below.

10. Bernard Arnault:

 Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault is richest person of Europe and among top ten richest persons in world with an individual prosperity that surpasses US $ 40 billion. He owns world’s leading indulgence brands and played a gigantic role in their rise to reputation. He is a man of discrimination and elegance and is a characteristic European when it comes to life style. As distinct his American and British aristocracies he likes to devote his time playing piano and tennis. He is characteristically qualified Pianist and loves Chopin compositions. He is also acknowledged de facto cultural ambassador of France and played a big part to drawn-out the tensions amongst France and China in run up to Beijing Olympics.


9. Liliane Bettencourt:

Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt is a French businesswoman, trendsetter, French Heiress and humanitarian. She is also well-known as one of the mainstream shareholders of L’Oreal and Nestle. With a mesh value of US$23.5 billion, Bettencourt is one of the richest people of the world. Bettencourt wedded the French cabinet minister Andre Bettencourt in 1950 who far ahead also attended as the Deputy Chairman of L’Oreal. She inbred the affluence of her father which also encompassed the company L’Oreal. Bettencourt and her husband recognized the ‘Foundation Schueller-Bettencourt’ that gives provisions to traditional, therapeutic and benevolent undertakings. With a yearly financial plan of £160 million, the establishment also dedicates its possessions to technical investigation, schooling and national and talent based developments.


8. Li Ka-shing:

Li Ka-shing

Li Ka Shing,  the richest person of East Asian ancestry and the eighth richest person in the world with an projected wealth of US$21.3 billion. He is one of the most authoritative men in China and is grounded in Honk Kong. Being a Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong Holdings his establishment is the world’s principal operative of container terminuses and the world’s largest strength and splendor merchandizing. Li was designated as ‘Superman’ in Hong Kong where his worldwide business is founded. Li is affectionate of hovering hence he also retains a lavish private plane , Gulfstream 550 which is one of the most contented privet jets around the world.


7. David Koch:

David Koch

Born in 1940, David Koch, son of Late Fred Koch, is the Supervisory Vice President of “Koch Industries” and the seventh wealthiest character in the US. The billionaire’s hunger for increasing the family’s business, obtaining well-appointed homes and governmental, non-political compassion has made him a well-known personality in the US. David learned Chemical Engineering degree from the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” and presently also attends as the CEO of the “Koch Chemical Technology Group”, a subordinate of Koch Industries.The “New York State Theater” was rechristened to “David H. Koch Theater” after his energetic commercial influence for the theater’s overhaul.


6. Charles Koch:

Charles Koch

Co-owner and CEO of the leading secluded firm “Koch Industries Inc” in the US; Charles Koch is an important occupational entrepreneur, who made his prosperity by converting his father’s ascetically effective oil company into a differentiated petroleum products transaction company with incidence in approximately 60 countries. Acknowledged as a person with astonishing administration assistances, Charles accomplished and extended the inbred business to almost 2,600 times the inbred size. The Koch Industries CEO is the 6th richest man in the world and a generous philanthropist. This renowned business industrialist has a net worth of $25 billion and is one of richest man in the planet. The billionaire’s luxurious home in Palm Desert, California is his supplementary expensive benefit apart from his extremely fruitful firm.


5. Larry Ellison:

Larry Ellison

Lawrence J. Ellison was born in the Bronx, New York. As a boy, Larry Ellison presented a self-governing, insubordinate smudge and often jarred with his adoptive father. From an early age, he showed a robust talent for math and science, and was baptized science student of the year at the University of Illinois. Lawrence J. Ellison, 61, has been Chief Executive Officer and a director since he originated Oracle in June 1977. Mr. Ellison attended as Chairman of the Board from May 1995 to January 2004 and from May 1990 to October 1992 and President from May 1978 to July 1996. Mr. Ellison has been an affiliate of the Executive Committee since December 1985.


4. Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett

Buffett was born to Leila and Howard Buffett and was the second of three children. Preliminary from the occupation of a salesman in 1951 he became world’s richest person in 2008. Warren Buffet is also recognized as “Sage of Omaha” for his ascetic lifestyle and “Oracle of Omaha” for his revelation of delphi like accurateness in stock picking. He is also the comprehensive ambassador of charity in modern world, after taking initiate to donate 99% of his treasure to donations. He is also inspiring other billionaires to bestow their money.


3. Amancio Ortega:

Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega a clandestine for press and communal alike and a publicist’s nightmare, is Spain’s richest man and one of world’s top 10. Ortega is so disreputably advertising reluctant that before his municipal presence in 2001, scarcely anyone outside his close circle had perceived him. The same close of confidentiality was maintained by every family member throughout his paramount marriage. Ortega owns a extravagance apartment complex in Miami and has real domain prosperities in Madrid, Paris, London and Lisbon. He has a horse-jumping circuit and also has made stashes in gas, travel and banks.


2. Carlos Slim:

Carlos Slim

He is a multi-billionaire with a modification; his old world panache seems not only in his business stylishness, but also in his life style. With his wealth estimated at $74 billion, this wealthiest person in the world is a man of perception and class. Carlos Slim Helu has figurine for conventional painting and monument by great artists likes Rodin, Renoir, Da Vinci and Micheal Angelo. In spite of being a multi billionaire, this 71 years old man lives in a diffident six-bedroom house, a mile away from his office. He doesn’t trust in noticeable feasting and has no concentration in glitzy super cruisers or extravagant houses around the world.


1. Bill Gates:

Bill Gates

Considered as one of the most significant persons of the 20th century, Bill Gates born on Oct 28 1955 is an American business electromagnet, thinker and promoter and the originator and chairman of Microsoft Corp Ltd. Bill Gates is attributed for transforming the computer world through his highly user-oriented developments and belligerent business attitude. Gates, one of the utmost business minds of all time constantly attempts to enlarge his information and aptitude to fascinate ideas.

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