Top 10 Most Overrated Things Ever – Things That Don’t Deserve The Hype

Top 10 Most Overrated Things EverYour best friend might have told you countless times about how “Breaking Bad” is one of, if not the best TV show he had ever watched. On the other hand, your mother might have been seething about Miley’s one performance getting too much attention from the public, when it can be regarded as one among the numerous superstar acts of the same nature. Now, some things like Breaking bad do deserve a bit of recognition and are worthy of being put on a pedestal. The following … well, do not really deserve the hype. Here are the top 10 most overrated things ever.


10. Slam Dunk Contest (NBA)

A single tomahawk dunk from an NBA superstar during a playoff game could easily get fans rumbling from their seats. And when the game becomes a contest of the most creative and most impactful slam dunks, it’s just an adrenaline rush all over. Unfortunately, you can only see the best dunks from the best players. While it’s nice that everyone can have their chance at the trophy because no player who’d been in the NBA for more than 3 years can join, the adrenaline just seems to drop big time when someone just can’t seem to get his best kept dunk to connect.

9. Cats

They’re fast like the ninjas you’d see flying around dojos. But they can also be as cuddly and affectionate that most people would easily claim they’re the best pets ever. On the contrary, you can’t stress enough that they don’t contribute much as a household member, and they’re less likely to follow any rule you make, which is not what you’d expect from dogs. Cat scratches are also common among cat owners. It’s just too hard to trust these creatures these days, unless they’ve known to acknowledge you as their owner after at least a decade.

8. One Night Stands

No one can argue how great sex can be, but only when done beyond physical attraction. There’s not much to this unless done with a particular person. In a one-night stand, you don’t actually know much the individual, and may even forget his or her name the day after. Alcohol can indeed serve as an excellent catalyst to such act, and while for some, this is worth bragging about, it’s worth saying that life s more about quality than quantity.

7. Valentine’s Day

Of all the holidays that’s common among different cultures, this may be the most overrated. Saint Valentine won’t be as pleased knowing that people have been making a lot of fuss over this day. As far as some individuals are concerned, this is just one of the best events to earn some good money. If you really love the person and seeks to show appreciation through giving a luxurious yet well thought-of present, any day should.

6. American Idol

As a fan, this is just a show that’s so good you could forget about cooking dinner, even if you have a kid or two to feed. But apparently, so much hype is brought about for this show. Some were even told to not only like it, but love it. A season or two of watching it may be enough for you to get tired of Cowell’s jokes and whatnot.


5. Justin Bieber

Even with a nice hairstyle, catchy pop song, and a “cute” face (add to that being at the prime of your teen years), you still won’t make it as big as Justin Bieber, unless of course you’re Justin Bieber, which is impossible. It’s hard to deny that he’s the one striking a pose on the poster hanging on the back of the doors of millions of girls throughout the world. Then again, more an more fans may have been pondering on why exactly they were driven to see this guy in his concerts.

4. Starbucks

In some places, particularly in third-world countries, a good, well-brewed coffee is just about any good, well-brewed coffee. But if it came from Starbucks, expect people to cherish every sip of the brand while looking at themselves like they’ve experienced a hint of the life of a pimp. Coffee with good packaging just seems to be priced more than thrice what they’re really worth, even when you already knew it’s made from coffee, sugar, and everything nice.

3. Oreos

Unless you’ve lived far from civilization, you should be familiar with the cookie that’s best eaten when dipped in a glass of milk (or at least that’s what advertisements made people think). Oreos are great, and may be a lot better than other chocolate cookies, maybe because they’ve been incorporated in a lot of food treats by various establishments nowadays. Unfortunately, they are less than healthy if you really think about it. If you’re not concerned about whether you’re feeding your child right or not, then go ahead and serve Oreos for breakfast.

2. College

College life, in particular, may be considered by many as a huge breeze. This is where great, unforgettable memories are also built, from seemingly unlimited frat parties to your first love. You could just about do almost anything you want during your college years, and some of them may even be what others had fantasized doing when they were at your age. But behind all of the wonderful things that may have ever happened, there’s this undying stress from being pressured to get decent grades you’d definitely need to finish college and eventually find a good job. Regrets, unfortunately, are also huge in number, and will be should you fail even one of your subjects.

1. Sliced Bread

Some people might not have even thought about sliced bread getting on this list. But you should be aware that there’s a history where the phrase “best thing since sliced bread” came from. Some say this food is a little too convenient, but there have been thousands of great inventions that have passed after sliced bread, so you could consider this phrase a little too old for this generation, as well as the coming ones.

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