Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World – Not Made For Walking

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World
What happened to the old days where a pair of shoes were for walking around in and their price was simply dictated by the durability of the shoe itself? Shoes have increasingly become a status symbol that celebrities and celebrity watchers love to obsess over. Out of all the beautiful status symbol shoes people can get their hands on, this list of the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world are by far the priciest, most outlandish, and stylish shoes.


10. Nike’s So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max (Price-tag: $50,000)

Kicking off the list of top ten most expensive shoes in the world is the Air Force 1 line produced by Nike. More specifically, the Nike “So Cal” Air Force 1 went for approximately $50,000 at a recent auction.

Now, the average consumer may be slightly confused by this since the Air Force 1 is a pretty normal Nike brand that the average Joe can pick-up at their local department store.

What makes this pair so special? 11 carats of champagne diamonds line the exterior and main design on the shoe and sole, dramatically raising the price and status level of owning a pair.

Fortunately for the average American, the moral debate between wearing this pair of shoes and showing them off versus the potential to scuff them will never become a real issue.

9. Air Jordan Silver Shoes (Price-tag: $60,000)

Continuing with the liberal usage of the word athletic in luxury shoe lines, the Air Jordan Silver Shoes are number nine on the list. Throughout his legendary playing career in the NBA, Michael Jordan was able to start the trend of definitive, unique, and stylish basketball shoes personally designed by himself along with design specialists at Nike.

The brand has featured over twenty lines and has proven wildly successful among sneaker head fanatics in basketball rings. While the vast majority of Jordans were built exclusively for the purpose of playing basketball, this pair was ultimately a fashion and status statement by MJ himself.

The Silver Shoes are as impractical as the pricing suggests, as they weigh over 10 pounds. They are made out of a mix of metals including silver, which significantly cuts down on the practicality but skyrockets the swag level associated with these Jordan’s. There are some truly fresh J’s that will cost a pretty penny, or six million of them.

8. Stuart Weitzman’s Diamond Dream Stilettos (Price-tag: $500,000)

Moving away from the “athletic” shoes and into the area of true luxury in the shoe industry, the brand name Stuart Weitzman leads the way on making unaffordable, ridiculously priced shoes that appear to be made specifically for a top ten most expensive shoes in the world list.

A little about Weitzman: his father started a shoe factory in Massachusetts back when he was a graduate at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. When his father passed away, Stuart carried the torch and moved the company to Spain. Weitzman released a drastically new business model in 2002 that focused on providing custom-made, absurdly expensive shoes for Oscar nominees and the popularity took off from there.

The Diamond Dream Stilettos feature super bright diamonds and were produced with the luxury jeweler Kwiat. The claim to fame of the shoe: Anika Noni Rose sported these at the 2007 Academy Awards.

7. Original Ruby Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” (Price-tag: $612,000)

With only four pairs of ruby slippers ever worn for the entire movie of Wizard of Oz that are still in existence, it should be pretty obvious to most Oz aficionados that this would be a highly coveted souvenir.

And boy, was it coveted. A pair went for $612,000 back in an auction in June 2011 and are one of the all-time classic crossovers between the movies and fashion.

6. Stuart Weitzman’s “Retro Rose” Pumps (Pricetag: $1,000,000)

After a short departure on the top ten most expensive shoes in the world list for some Oz homage, the list is back to Weitzman’s definitive collection. These pumps are a call
back to the 1940s as the i-strap down the middle of the foot screams mid-20th century.

Also worth noting are the roses at the toe of each shoe. These roses are made out of none other than pure diamonds, 1,800 in total. Weighing over 100 carats, the roses come tat the cost of additional weight but clearly bring an unprecedented level of glamour to any occasion.


5. Stuart Weitzman’s “Marilyn Monroe” Shoes (Price-tag: $1,000,000)

4. Stuart Weitzman’s “Platinum Guild” Stilettos (Price-tag: $1,090,000)

Another collaboration effort between Stuart Weitzman and Kwiat diamonds, these platinum guild stilettos were donned by Laura Harring back for an awards night in 2002. A beautiful shoes with a high curvature and rise, this is the perfect shoe for formal occasions.

Unlike most sky-rocket price shoes, these stilettos have some additional utility built into them. The glamorous diamond straps can be removed to become a basic strap, which may not sound all that fun, but the removed diamonds can then be used as a bracelet. The platinum fabric used pulls the entire shoe together and makes this pair useful and luxurious.

3. Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Stilettos (Price-tag: $1,600,000)

Another shoe that cashed in on the ginormous cultural success and influence of Oz: this pair of ruby stilettos by who else than Stuart Weitzman. 1,350 carats of rubies along with 50 carats of diamonds make these shoes a truly luxurious take on Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

The main fabric of this shoe is red satin and is adorned with plenty of jewels and ruby. A beautiful shoe that would be an absolute show stopper at virtually any occasion, no matter how upper-class it is, it is no wonder these shoes went for north of 1.5 million dollars at an auction. They are truly one of a kind and deserve a spot on the list of top ten most expensive shoes in the world due to the cost of production and materials on these stilettos.

2. Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers (Price-tag: $2,000,000)

Weitzman was able to break away from his traditional high profit business of selling shoes to celebrities for red carpet events in order to sell shoes to Broadway to make even more money! These slippers were specifically designed for the Broadway production of Cinderella and
the lucky lady that was allowed to wear this pair was leading Disney star Laura Osnes, who was eventually a Tony nominee.

Weitzman also released a consumer line of these cinderella slippers at a slight discount from the two million dollar price tag of this original pair. The consumer line runs from $200 and up for a pair of these bedazzled see-through shoes and can make anyone feel like the queen of the ball.

1. House of Harry Winston’s “Ruby Slippers” (Pricetag: $3,000,000)

And number one on the list of top 10 most expensive shoes in the world goes to another Oz classic, the House of Harry Winston’s ruby slippers. In one of the classic examples of “one-upping” in history, Harry Winston decided that instead of making a replica with sequins, which were used in the original production of Oz, he would use actual rubies. In totality, Winston utilized 1,350 carats on this pair of shoes as well as 50 carats of diamond to complement the ruby.

The sole person to the wear the most expensive shoe in the world? Deservingly so, that is the one and only Judy Garland, the 1939 movie’s lead star. Anyone hoping to get themselves a pair of these House of Harry Winston shoes will need to find their own gold road in order to finance the exorbitant evaluation of three million dollars.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

So there it is: the definitive list of the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world. A level of design, creativity, and glamour that are unparalleled and have helped push the shoe business to be what it is today.

Making a statement with one’s footwear has been a recent trend that has struck the fashion world to its core, and it is worth watching for increasingly unique, outlandish, and asininely priced shoes coming from big name designers such as Stuart Weitzman in the near future.

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