Top 10 Most Badass Persons in History

Badass is a modern word for someone who’s amazingly cool and tough. And surely, there are plenty of modern day exampled. But don’t you know that there are cool and tough individuals way even before the term was coined? Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Badass Persons in History that will surely amaze you.

  1. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Do you love Tony Stark of Marvel Comics? Well, he is not the only one who is to be called “Iron Man”. In 1162 CE in Central Mongolia, Genghis Khan was born and named by his parents as “Timujin” which means Iron Man. And he really grew up with a heart as hard as iron. That’s why he succeeded on building one of the largest empires in the world.

He destroyed the divisions among tribes in Mongolia where he earned the name Chinggis Khan which means “Universal Ruler”.

It was also said that he ordered each of his 50,000 soliders to kill twenty-four Urgench individuals. This was one of the bloodiest massacres in history because approximately 1.2 million people died.

Timujin was also known for his brilliant military techniqes. He conquered other areas such as northern China, central Asia and eastern Europe.


  1. Agustina of Aragon

Agustina of Aragon

She was known as the Spanish Joan of Arc because of her toughness in protecting her town during the Spanish War of Independence. She was just supposed to give a basket of apples to the gunners but when she saw that Spanish soldiers were about to retreat, she chose to go to the cannon and fight against the French Army. The Spanish Soldier saw a glimpse of hope because of what she did and they continued the battle. In the end, Agustina and her colleagues won. But she was later captured by the enemies. She managed to escape and afterwards, she became a proffessional officer at the Battle of Vitoria.


  1. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Alexander III was the son of King Philip II of Macedon. He had shown badassery in every battle he had won. By the way, he had never experienced any lost in his entire life. As a child, he was tutored by Aristotle, who we all know as one of the most genius people ever lived. It was also Aristotle who had given Alexander the copy of Iliad that perhaps influenced the prince’s way of thinking. Thus, when Alexander went to war in 338 BCE, his team won remarkably. He was just 20 years old when he took over the kingdom. He was threatened by his enemies because they thought he was too young to manage his people. But Alexander the Great showed how great he was, bringing Athens and Thebes to their knees.


  1. Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass

Glass was picking berries on the mountain when a grizzly bear attacked him. He succeeded on killing the beast. However, he was severly injured during the attack and even if his companions sewed the wounds all over his body, they still thought that he could not make it. Jim Bridger and John Fitzgerald were tasked to stay by his side until his death for him to get a decent burial. However, he managed to live in a comma condition. It was a bad news for Fitzgerald because he thought aggressive natives might sood find them. So after five days, Fitzgerald and Bridger dug a grave for Glass and left him without any belonging.

But Glass managed to survive even with injuries and weak body. Even with a weak body, he went down from the mountain and look for Brdiger and Fitzgerald.


  1. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman. When a group of pirates captivated him for a ransom, he mocked them by telling that he would see all of them crucified. Of course, the pirates did not take his words seriously. But then, after Caesar was released, he hunted and killed them all.



  1. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

Before becoming the 26th U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt was first a cattle rancher, an assistant sheriff, a traveler, a civil service commissioner, and a solider. When he married his wife, Alice Hathaway, he chose to spend their honeymoon by climbing mountains. As an assistant Secretary of the Navy, he has no power to declare war against with Spain. Yet, he still did. He sent Admiral Dewey to the Philippines and his people won the battle against Spanish army.

He was already the head of his country when he was shot in the chest while giving a long speech in Milwaukee. But he was not rushed to the hospital not until he finished his speech.



  1. Thich Quang Duc

Thich Quang Duc

Thich Quang Duc deserved to be in the top 10 most badass persons in history for standing up on what he believed in. Oh wait! He did not just stand to show that he was against the persecution of Buddhists on his country. Thich Quang Duc burned himself alive in the middle of the busy intersection.


 3. Dr. Leonid Rogozov

Dr. Leonid Rogozov

On April 29, 1961, this Soviet surgeon got sick during his Antarctica expedition. There was no plane nearby and the weather would not allow him to fly. He was also the only doctor in the group. He thought his condition would aggravate if he waited for days. So he chose to operate on his own body and remove his badly-infected appendix. He was assisted by a mechanical engineer and a meteorologist. It was really amazing that he was success in saving his own life.


  1. Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill

This English soldier was known by the names “Fighting Jack Churchill” and “Mad Jack” because of his bravery during World War II. And he only used long bow, arrows and sword to fight the tanks and machine guns of the enemies. He was also received two recognitions as a dedicated soldier.


  1. Bhanbhagta Gurung

Bhanbhagta Gurung

Gurung’s badass attitude gave him the Victoria Cross award for his courageous  acts during the war. There was an enemy sniper killing his colleagues, thus, Gurung stood up and faced the enemy with his rifle. He did not mind if he would be easily killed by his action. For five consecutive times, he went forward alone to attack the Japanese soldiers. It was his bravery that made his group go home with victory.

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