Top 10 Longest Named Dinosaurs Discovered – 17+ Letters

Top 10 Longest Named Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs typically have long names, but are you wondering what the longest dinosaur names are? Read this list of top 10 longest named dinosaurs discovered.

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Did you know that there are over 750 types of dinosaurs ever discovered? Paleontologists have to get creative to give each of those dinosaurs their own unique name.

Image attributed to IJReid.


10. Panamericansaurus


With 17 characters in its name, this dinosaur was pretty recently identified in 2010. It was named after the energy company which funded the expedition that found this dinosaur’s bones.

Image attributed to Jorge O. Calvo, Juan D. Porfiri.

9. Macrogryphosaurus

The Macrogryphosaurus was discovered in Argentina. It was a fairly large dinosaur of its type, measuring 20+ feet.

8. Veterupristisaurus


With 18 charcters in its name, this dinosaur was pretty large, about 33 feet long and weighing 2 tons. It inhabited the woodlands in eastern Africa.

Image attributed to IJReid.

7. Opisthocoelicaudia


The Opisthocoelicaudia was discovered in 1965 in Mongolia. It is one of the best understood dinosaurs as several nearly complete skeltons have been unearthed.

Image attributed to FunkMonk (Michael B. H.).

6. Eustreptospondylus


This dinosaur was originally discovered in 1870 near Oxford, England. It was mistakenly identified as several other dinosaur types over the years, until it finally obtained the name Eustreptospondylus in 1964.

Image attributed to Ballista.


5. Metriacanthosaurus

4. Pachycephalosaurus

3. Archaeornithomimus

2. Carcharodontosaurus


With a 19 charcter long name, the Carcharodontosaurus comes in as the dinosaur with the second longest name. It is on of the longest and heaviest dinosaurs, estimated to have been up to 44 feet long and 15 metric tons. The teeth in the picture above are one of its distinguishing features.

Image attributed to Didier Descouens.

1. Micropachycephalosaurus


This dinosaur has a whopping 23 characters in its name, 4 characters longer than the second longest named dinosaur.

Despite its long name, the Micropachycephalosaurus was a small dinosaur. It was only about 2 feet long and is estimated to have weighed only 5-10 lbs.

Image attributed to IJReid.

Top 10 Longest Named Dinosaurs Discovered

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