Top 10 Jobs for Cancer Patients – Stay Busy

Top 10 Jobs for Cancer Patients

Nobody wants to have an unhealthy body, but millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. As a typical person, we want to be productive members of society. Having cancer doesn’t necessarily means that you wouldn’t be able to do anything at all. Read our top 10 suggestions for jobs for cancer patients.


10. Online Merchant

What use is the internet if it doesn’t make you money? The main use of the internet is keeping you connected. Becoming an online merchant will help you a lot in getting income while recovering from your illness. You just have to figure out what kind of business you would want to start online. You can sell something that has always been your interest or just things that are trending in your area. This business is quite flexible.

9. Nutritionist

As a cancer patient, you will have to learn much about nutrition, medicine and health related topics to help you cope with your illness. You will be able to help people prevent or struggle with similar illnesses. Of course, being a nutritionist require you to study even further and being more serious about this subject. By learning further, you will be more than capable of helping yourself and people around you.

8. Gardener

Nature is the best place to relax and enjoy yourself for a little while. Being a cancer patient will require you to be positive even more than the doctors around you. Being a gardener means you will spend more time near nature and plants. You can interact and feel the fresh air directly from the source. Your health will be improved as your body absorbed the pure oxygen from the plants.

7. Baker

What more of a positive impact can you make other than making foods for others? By making bread and baking every day, you can train your memory, skills, and precision therefore and you will no longer feel weaker as the time passes. Positivity is the main factor in getting cured of cancer, so that will be your main priority. Bake something good that every person smelling or tasting will be so delighted that they smile. This way you will be able to draw all the positive energy for your recovery.

6. Caterer

Having cancer means you have to fully control your food intake, thus you will need to organize and calculate everything carefully. Working on a catering meal is exactly what needs your expertise. Help other people on a diet or who struggle with certain illness by providing them food that is carefully planned and prepared. You will no longer need to cook just for yourself since there will be people who will want to use your cooking as their healthy meal. The most important thing is, you will finally able to have your own income from a simple habit such as cooking!


5. Antiques Dealer

Most cancer patients will restrict themselves from excessive physical activities, thus they will spend more on enriching themselves in books or articles or anything worth reading. This knowledge you acquired will be useful to you somehow, but certainly if you decide to work with antiques. If you have been a collector before, it would be even better. Try to work with good things from the past and tell their stories to people coming to your shop. Your loneliness is no more. Do we also need to mention that antiques usually come with a good income?

4. Professional Translator

Do you know more than one language? Help people with difficulties of one of your languages you know and you can get income from that. You can start by translating documents, paperwork, or something that requires foreign language skills. Then if your condition improves, you can try to translate bigger projects such as books or literature works. It is as simple as that!

3. Professional Chat Friend

Yes, almost everything could be made as a “professional” service nowadays. Some people get paid just for being a companion for a short while! It is not for getting you down, but suffering cancer could bring anybody a new insight of life, family, friends, and everything, thus, your opinion will be valuable for everybody. You can also pray with your clients if they are cancer patients also. Try to use the internet to make your service known and be a good companion for people seeking advice. After all, you will get money just from sharing your experience, isn’t that great?

2. Online Supervisor

There are companies which just need people to do the job from the outside so that they could see which employees are actually dedicating themselves for the company and which ones are not. This kind of job doesn’t need you to do excessive physical activity nor standing by for a long period. Just monitor the coworker and report if there is anything suspicious or not right.

1. Last but not least, of course, A Writer

Suffering cancer means you are experiencing a big turn in your life. See that people are curious about the story of your struggle and they want to hear more so that they could inspire themselves and people around them. Use this moment to once again turn the tide and make a name for yourself. Write down as detailed as possible the big turns and unexpected event which led you into this current condition and what you have in mind for people so that they won’t suffer as you do.

Top 10 Jobs for Cancer Patients

So take the first step and find your new career today!

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