Top 10 In-Demand Careers

There are so many people looking for work today that it is quite difficult to land a job. Companies have so many candidates to choose from that they can be quite choosy. Only the top candidates usually land these jobs or someone with the right connections inside the company.

One way you can step up your job search is to find those careers that are truly in demand. These careers have a higher hiring rate than those not it high demand. Below is our list Top 10 In-demand careers to help get your started on your job search.

#10 Teachers


Teachers in all grade levels from K-12 always are needed in the field of education. This field does not always attract enough qualified individuals, because it is not among the highest-paying careers. You will need to go to college and earn a 4-year degree in most cases to become a teacher. It is best to earn the degree in the specific area you want to teach, especially when it comes to high school subjects. You may also need to earn a teaching credential before being allowed to teach students. Check your local requirements for becoming a teacher, if this career interests you.


#9 Automotive Mechanics

Automotive Mechanics

Mechanics for today’s vehicles have to be specialized more than ever before in the history of cars. The engines are much more involved than in the past. Automotive mechanics can have certain specialties such as transmissions. This means they have a certain expertise in the field they specialize in with vehicles. They could also specialize in one particular brand or type of vehicle. Today, you can receive specialized training in this field through technical schools across the country.


#8 Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists help people get back to their lives after an illness or injury. Many patients need help on a daily basis from these therapists. This career pays well and is very emotionally rewarding for those who choose it. These therapists have job opportunities in the home healthcare field, hospital, nursing homes, clinics, and rehab facilities. It is projected that physical therapists will be in demand for at least the next 7 years. This is the reason for it being on our list of Top 10 In-demand careers. You will need the proper degree and licensed to work in this field.


#7 Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant have made our list for the Top 10 In-demand careers because there is always a need for more of these assistants in the dentistry field. These assistants help the dentist by sterilizing equipment, taking X-rays, explaining to patients how to perform proper tooth care, and anything else included in the job requirements. Their schedules will vary according to the dentist’s schedule. Check local education requirements to work in this field.


#6 Accountants


Accountants specialize in keeping financial records and tax filing. The tax laws take special knowledge to navigate through effectively. Companies cannot survive without qualified accountants today. A four-year degree is needed to become a certified accountant, but this field pays well enough to be worth the time, expense and effort. Independent accountants can bring in plenty money during tax season each year, along with the money they make during the rest of the year.


#5 Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses have been and still are needed across the country. They have more extensive training than practical nurses do, which provides them more opportunities in the field of patient care. This career takes a nursing program diploma, or an associate degree or bachelor degree in nursing. Employment opportunities include medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. The nursing profession is quite rewarding and on the level of registered nursing, it pays well for those who do it. Doctors would be lost without a qualified nursing staff.


#4 Software Engineers

Software Engineers

This is such a computerized age we live in today, it is no wonder the software engineers are in demand. This is a high paying position of over $90,000 a year. Skills in computer programming and at least a bachelor’s degree is needed for this career. Various specialties also exist within the field. There is a high need for all types of software today and this fact will not change for a long time, if ever.


#3 IT Professionals

IT Professionals

Information technology (IT) looks like it is here to stay for a long, long time. All types of businesses need professionals trained in handling websites and the internal computer workings of them. Most companies cannot do business today, if their computers go down, so IT professionals are quite valuable to companies. This career choice takes a four-year degree, but the rewards of the high pay are well worth the education. This number three choice deserves to be part of this list of the Top 10 In-demand careers.


#2 Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives that can perform are always in high demand. After all, if a company cannot sell its products or services, it cannot prosper. The sales representatives are on the front line meeting with prospective buyers to push the company’s products or services. They have to make the sales for the company to thrive. This career requires at least a high school diploma, but a college degree is preferred.


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#1 Skilled Tradesmen

Skilled Tradesmen

Skilled tradesmen as in plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and other such professions are always needed in various construction, installation, remodeling, and maintenance situations. Most of the time these professions train their help through apprenticeships, although, some electricians do attend trade schools. Certification is needed in each profession. These professions can make a steady income through the ins and outs of the economy once the tradesmen develop a reliable reputation.


These are what we consider to be the Top 10 In-demand careers today. There are some other ones that deserve honorable mention such as receptionist, managers in various professions, and administrative assistants. If you are having trouble finding a job, make sure the careers you are looking are indeed hiring. When a company is not hiring, there is not much hope of you landing a job with it.

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