Top 10 Hottest Countries In the World

Top 10 Hottest Countries In the World

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Summer may be the best season you can enjoy the activities you’ve waited to do for a very long time. Even if you know you’re going to sweat a lot, there’s just no stopping you from catching up on everything your friends and relatives may seek to engage themselves with.

All these, unfortunately, may not be as fun if you are to spend your months of vacation in a country where the last thing you want to experience is waking up in the morning without a bucket of ice prepared beside your bed.

Below are the top 10 hottest countries in the world you might not want to spend even a single day living in if you’re not at all a fan of hot weather.


10. Mexico

Desert Mexico

One of the best countries to shoot the Wild West movies in, Mexico is simply an attraction worth seeing. But despite how popular the setting has become because of Hollywood, this country can be dangerously hot. You can expect this dry country having rich heritage, food, and culture. This may also be a great place to find beaches, since it’s hot and dry most of the time. There’s a lot of dry grasslands here, and if you somehow find yourself stuck in this place in one of the hottest summer days, you won’t last long with its 50 degree Celsius temperatures. A glass of tap water might not even quench your thirst in this heat. On the other hand, its beaches are excellent for their white sands and clear waters. And because they’re known for these, it’d be difficult to get a place near the sea shore.

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9. Somalia

Somalian Desert

You can’t consider this country being among the safest around the globe. But this is definitely among the hottest. Somalia can be found within Northeastern Africa. There’s barely any water dropping from the sky if you try to live here in an entire year. But if you’re not from a tropical country, you won’t last that long anyway. On average, the temperature in Somalia is roughly 50 degrees Celsius. It is rare to find any vegetation in this area because they just can’t seem to grow due to the heat, as well as irrigation problems. Starvation is also one of the major issues of this country, which is why famine has become normal for individuals populating this country.

8. India

Indian Desert

Because of the Indian Ocean’s hot breeze coming into the country, India experiences 50 degrees Celsius throughout the summer, despite the Himalayas just sitting north of the country. Surprisingly, you can experience winter season in this place, but don’t expect temperatures to fall ground zero. The good thing is that there’s rainfall coming into this place at a certain time of the year.

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7. Sudan

Sudan Desert

Sudan is the type of country you’d normally expect from any African one – grasslands or desert lands that are dry. On average, the temperature in this country is around 52 degrees Celsius. Apparently, while desertification is a natural thing, it is one of the primary problems this country has been suffering from. Famines and droughts have continued to devastate its populace. Because of these issues, mortality rates have been high, which statistics can also be observed in plant and animal life. Rarely would rain fall in this hot country.

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6. Oman

Oman Desert

This certainly serves as one of the wealthiest countries in the world. But it’s also among the hottest. Half of the year, Oman experiences temperatures ranging from 50-53 degrees Celsius. However, since this country is a relatively rich one, heat doesn’t really serve as a major problem. Facilities are provided to fight this hot issue. Most of the transportation facilities are air-conditioned. Most of the rain in the country falls in its mountainous areas.


5. Iran

Iran Desert

It’s quite hot living in this country, but when winter strikes, it could also be freezing cold. Most of the high temperature this country receives is experienced by people residing in its southern region, while the northern part is relatively cold because of the high mountains nearby. On a regular summer day, it’s about 40 degrees Celsius, though it could sometimes reach 50 degrees Celsius.

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4. Algeria

Algeria Desert

If it’s an African country, you always have to expect it’s going to be hot. Algeria is filled with deserts, although there are a few mountains capped with snow in certain regions of the country. Temperatures can rise up to 53 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature ever recorded in this country was in Salah. Rainfalls mostly come to its coastal regions, while it’s dry in its central regions.

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3. Iraq

Iraqi Desert

This country has become one of the most popular in the world since the past decade given the never-ending battle between the east and west. Regardless, not only is war the problem in this place, but also the temperature, which could reach 54 degrees Celsius in the summer. There are also times, though, when temperatures range around 40 degrees.

2. Saudi Arabia

Desert Saudi Arabia

Vast deserts cover most of this country. But while this is considered among the hottest of countries, its wealth can’t be denied. And because it’s a rich country, expect to see most of its facilities being air-conditioned. Summer days could reach temperatures of at least 54 degrees, and because deserts cover most of this place, there’s no room for agriculture here. This one, you can blame to the Arabian desert.

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1. Libya

Libya is easily the hottest of all known countries in the world. Because of the high temperature that this country always experiences, most of its people have suffered from various types of skin diseases, caused by too much sun. This is not a country that’s easy to live in. It’s quite difficult to manage even living for a day in this country if you don’t have the means to survive. You may not be able to function normally if you’re experiencing this amount of heat. Not only would you be experiencing heatstroke, but also various kinds of diseases even just after a single weeks of living here, which is why you’d want to go someplace else if you live here.

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