Top 10 Horror Movies Ever

We watch different programs like movies, plays, reality shows and many more in our daily routine, every person has its own interest and preferences regarding the material they want to watch on TV. Some like movies; some likes dramas, reality shows and some of people like horror content to watch.

For those who love to watch out the scary content such as horror dramas, movies and series, the filmmakers have produced some of classy and super horror movies, short films, series and dramas as well. But mostly, people love to watch movies because they are short in time and give the complete package without pauses and commercial breaks.

Here we have defined some of the best horror movies ever from the past decade to the present. Check here the list of Top 10 Horror movies ever.

10. 11-11-11


11-11-11 is a mystic horror movie was released in 2011 and appreciated by the audience. So, it got the 10th rank on top horror movies ever. The story of the movie was based on the story of a man who repeatedly saw the number 11-11-11 it shows to him that someone is around him and trying to say something to him. He cannot saw anyone near him or anywhere else too, who is the one who trying to talk to this man? Why? Or what? There is something really scary happens in this movie with the 11 number.


 9. 13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts got the 9th rank on the top horror movies ever; this movie was released on 1960 and grabs the viewer’s interest. The story of this movie is related to a mansion of a doctor, after the death of the doctor his mansion transferred to his nephew as inherits and his family arrives to live in this mansion. After sometime they realize that they are not only who lives in this mansion there is something more than they can imagine and its difficult for them to leave that mansion alive.


8. 13: Game of Death

13: Game of Death

The movie 13: Game of Death released on 2006, this movie was based on the story of a man who was doing a job of a salesman but few days before he just lost his job, his career and car, because of that his girlfriend also left him. He became so depressed because of his debts and there was no way left that can rescue him from the entire troubled situation. After some time he got a mysterious call and an offer about to play a game in a reality show and win $ 100 million, all he have to complete the thirteen tasks. But who knows the truth, that the tasks slowly become deadly, that’s all grade this movie to the 8th rank in the top horror movies ever.


7. 1408


The paranormal movie 1408 was released in 2007; the story of this movie was about the mysterious room no 1408 of Dolphin Hotel. A writer name Stephen King and a paranormal investigator name Mike Enslin decide to invalidate the horror story about this room. They decided to stay in this room for one night so they can reveal the facts that what happened in this room. Stephen normally wrote horror stories and he is also interested to write a book on the story of this room and he decided it’s good to stay in this room he can write more realistically. But, it’s more dangerous than they imagine.  Will they survive for one night or not? This is the reason so this movie got the 7th rank on top horror movies ever.


6. 5150 Elm’s Way

5150 Elm’s Way

The movie 5150 Elm’s Way got the 6th rank on top horror movies ever. The movie was released on 2009 and captures the public interest just because of its story; this is all about a boy’s story that faces different scary and mysterious circumstances and fight for the survival. Boy names Yannick have a good day that he was selected in acting school where he want to be, same day he ride on a bike suddenly slipped and go to a near house to wash up. After that the movie becomes so scary that he must play mean game for his survival. It concludes that you should not enter in stranger’s house that you do not know what is behind the scene.


5. Shelter/ 6 souls

6 souls

Shelter the movie was released in 2010 and because of its story which was a mystery and paranormal took it to the 5th rank in top horror movie ever. The story of the movie was about a psychiatrist Cara Harding who spent most of her career to solve multiple personality or mental disorders. But, when she meets her another patient Adam she becomes puzzled because he knows about the dead people. When she find out about the Adam’s past she discovered most of different things which she do not saw before. Her tries to solve the puzzle draw the scary and terrified situation in the movie.


4. 7 Days to Live

7 Days to Live

The movie 7 Days to Live was released in 2000, its story is about a couple, Ellen and her husband Martin who just lose their son and moved towards a mansion in a country to take a new start of their life or for some peace and change their environment. But unfortunately they do not know or not even imagine. The  feeling  of the existence of something terrifying in the mansion which starts affecting that couple soon and try to make realize them the presence of something, with scary images, visions and many more.


3. A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters

The movie released on 2003 and got the 3rd rank on the top horror movies ever because of its mysterious and scary story line. The story is related to two sisters, when they are in small age their mother died due to some mysterious circumstances and after that they left their home and go to an institution for their studies. After a long run they comeback to home to live with their father and unkind stepmother, but the mysterious and scary events return with their return.


2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was released on 2012 the story is about the Abraham whose mother was killed by a strange man and he decides to hunt and kill that man for revenge. But, it’s not so easy because the man he is hunting is a vampire and it’s difficult to kill him. In the entire story his struggle to kill that vampire makes this movie on 2nd rank at top horror movies ever.


1. Absentia


Absentia got the 1st rank on the top horror movies ever because of its mysterious and terrifying story, movie released in 2011. The story is related to a specific area in Los Angeles where some strange events happen with the people and many people reported of missing from that area. Police do not have any clue in their investigation that what’s the reason behind the fading of many people from that specified area. Tricia is also one of those people who missed their loved ones, her husband was missing before seven years and now, she is ready to move in her life but the destiny decide anything else for her and her world going to change perpetually.

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