Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

Looking to buy a boat or a villa on a beach? Haven’t quite managed to save enough money? You may be in the wrong job. It is important to find a job that you are passionate about, yet finding a job that pays well is equally as important. Below we have listed some of the highest paying jobs available.

Good paying jobs usually require years of training and hands on experience, but the hard-work and high expenses will be worth it once you start working. Most of the highest paid jobs today are actually within the medical industry, due to the intense training and tuition fees needed. In order to avoid repetition and a feeling of regret for not attending medical school, we have cut out many of the medical careers. Instead, we have grouped together surgeons, nurses and doctors to allow some variety on the list!!

10) Computer and Information Systems Managers

 Information Systems Managers

When you lose a file or your system crashes, who do you call straight away? IT managers not only manage support staff, but also develop and implement their company’s IT strategies. In order to reach this position; you would need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant IT field and numerous years of experience in IT support. The hard-work will pay off however as IT provides good paying jobs; IT managers can earn up to $170,000 a year.


9) Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

You will find marketing managers in a wide range of industries – the better the industry, the better the salary. The top earning marketing managers work in the financial investment sector and average $169,000 annually. Those who work for oil and gas companies earn a similar amount. Marketing is a field in which the required education is not set in stone. Most will ask for a bachelor’s degree. However, experience in the field and an awesome portfolio is just as beneficial.


8) Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Sciences Manager

Natural sciences managers supervise scientists in a number of fields such as biology and chemistry. Their time is also split between the office and the lab. In order to earn the highest amount, ditch working for an educational institute and work for insurance or aerospace industries instead. Becoming a natural sciences manager requires at least a bachelor’s degree in some form of science, and several years of working and researching in labs.

Salary: $116,840


7) Architectural and Engineering Managers

 Architectural and Engineering Managers

Engineering and architectural engineers can earn a very healthy living in they choose the correct filed. Unsurprisingly, those who work in the oil and gas industries are the most handsomely paid; looking at a salary of roughly $ 160,000 – $185,000. Becoming an architectural and engineering manager requires a bachelor’s degree, and lots of experience in the industry.


6) Lawyers


Lawyers have a rep as liars and cheats, however when you need one; they can be a lifesaver! Working in law offers good paying jobs. An average lawyer makes a comfortable living, as they earn a mean hourly wage on par with many positions in the medical field. Lawyers need a bachelor’s degree, three years of law school and completion of the bar exam.



5) Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

There are more petroleum engineers than pediatricians in the U.S. There are many job opportunities for petroleum engineers, however certain skills and a good work ethic are needed to advance and earn a healthy living wage. Many petroleum engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in petroleum engineering and as always, lots of experience is necessary.

Salary: Between $75K and $215K


 4) Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers

The highest paying job that doesn’t necessarily require several years in lectures and a library is chief executive officer. CEOs, as they are more commonly known, are the ones responsible for calling all the shots. The best paid CEO’s work in the entertainment industry and can take home up to $250,000 a year. Even the lower paid CEO’s are enjoying $220,000+ a year. A bachelor’s degree is usually desirable, but nothing compares to on-the-job experience. Have we mentioned the added perk of an annual bonus?


3) Dentists and Orthodontists


Dentists and orthodontists, depending on where they work and their experience, can earn anything from $160,000 – $220,000. Orthodontists tend to get paid more as they are generally in higher demand. Working as a dentist varies throughout the country, but dentists usually require eight years of education and must pass written and practical exams.


2) Doctors and Surgeons


If you have the budget, time and patience to endure medical school, you will soon realize the benefits after cashing your first pay-check! Becoming a surgeon takes as much time as some other careers on our list; a bachelor’s degree, medical school degree and at least three years of work experience. However, the salary you will receive afterwards will be well worth it. Gynecologists and surgeons are paid over $200,000 a year – the highest paid in the medical profession however is in our number one spot…


1) Anesthesiologist


Of all the medical professionals, anesthesiologists take home the most, with an annual mean wage of $240,000. It may take a while to reach your first big pay-check, but when you start raking in the big bucks you will quickly forget the long hours and never-ending exams.

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