Top 10 Good Paying Jobs in the USA

If you want to have some of the top paying jobs in the USA, then you will want to head on over to the medical industry. What many people don’t realize is that the top 10 good paying jobs in this industry make nearly $200,000 or more each year. While they do come with their fair share of stress and long days in a hospital or office, they can be worth it in the long run.

# 10 Allergists and Immunologists


This job focuses on helping a person to determine what allergies they have and based on that information, they begin to provide shots and other prescriptions to manage the problems. On the immunologist side of things, the professional will look at problems with the immune system and help the patient to improve it as much as possible.

On average, this position makes $184,650 a year.


# 9 Neurologists


When there are brain concerns, neurologists step in. These individuals will not only address concerns with the brain and how it is functioning, but many will also perform surgery as well. This position can be very stressful because one wrong move with the brain and a person can be left disabled for a lifetime. Because of how complex their knowledge has to be on top of that, the $184,650 average annual salary helps to make this one of the top 10 good paying jobs in America.


# 8 Pathologists


A professional who studies the tissues of the human body, this individual is regularly exposed to dangerous bacteria and viruses. However, they press onward and explore the health concerns of their patients and do what they can to help them to get the right kind of care, based on what a person’s body hides. Because new viruses, bacteria and other health concerns are found all the time, this medical professional has to keep on top of their research and understanding of the evolving medical community. The $184,650 they regularly earn though is worth it.


# 7 Radiologists


The images your doctor orders to diagnose and treat diseases are handled by this medical professional. This takes precision and understanding how large and expensive machines operate. With continued advancements all the time in the medical community, they need to keep up with their current certifications and follow up on the latest trends in the industry. Anyone who enters this industry should plan on quite a bit of time each year refreshing their knowledge with the machines used and enrolling in advanced medical technology courses when possible.


# 6 Internists


With a practice full of patients, internists can treat many of the different medical conditions a person can face. While there will be a general area of expertise in their medical profession, these individuals will usually take up the role of a general practitioner. With all that they handle, it should come as little surprise that they are able to take in on average $189,210 each year.


# 5 Orthodontists


Orthodontists deal with your teeth and improving how they sit in your mouth. These professionals will take the time to apply braces and to ensure that your teeth continue to improve in appearance and health over time. Usually, when a person takes advantage of their services, it will be a considerable commitment that can last years, but the end result is usually incredible. These professionals do make $204,670 on average each year.


# 4 – Oral Surgeons

Oral Surgeons
Dentist examines teeth of the patient on the dentist’s chair

Teeth that need to be pulled or have work done on them will often be handled by an oral surgeon. Since oral health is critical for everyone, it will be important to choose a professional that knows what they are doing. However, with experience comes an additional cost. This is why many of the oral surgeons you will encounter make as much as $217, 380 on average each year. When you consider the things they encounter in the mouth, this is a fair price for the services that they deliver.


# 3 – Obstetricians


Dealing with pregnancy and beyond, these medical professionals are always in demand. Seeing hundreds of cases each year, they strive to deliver women the best care possible and ensure that their health and the health of their baby at the time of birth are their main focus. This is a position that requires 24/7 access from patients and can have lots of ups and downs. They can range from helping parents cope with a miscarriage, to delivering a healthy baby to another set in under an hour. Even late night surprise deliveries are something that will need to be handled. But this crazy schedule does come with a considerable salary. On average these professionals can bring in an average pay of $218,610.


# 2 – Surgeons


24 hours a day, sometimes in long shifts these professionals work on everything from the cardiovascular system to fractured bones. With plenty of concerns they can face, most will pick an area of specialty and focus on that, along with the medical advancements that are made, so they can stay on the cutting edge of things. The work is hard and stressful, but these people save lives all the time. This is one of the reasons why they earn their $231,500 each year.


# 1– Anesthesiologists


While this might surprise you, the anesthesiologists actually have one of the most dangerous jobs in the operating room. If they give you too much gas, it will kill you. If they give you the wrong type of gas, they will kill you. They have to keep an eagle eye on you and nothing else for hours at a time and monitor your stats closely. This is a high stress, high risk job and these professionals earn their $234,950 which does help it to reach the top spot on the top 10 good paying jobs in the US.

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