Top 10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Unless you have a huge bank account already, chances are you are going to have to work to take care of yourself. For many people, finding the right job means finding something you won’t mind dedicating a lot of time to and that will compensate you well in pay.

You certainly don’t want a job that doesn’t pay well enough to support you and give you adequate money left over to enjoy life!

The National Academy of Sciences has studied job satisfaction extensively. One of their findings is that $75,000 is the annual salary of the happiest people. Keep that in mind as you choose you career. Also remember that there is a difference between fun and perceived fun at a job. Those who work at Disney theme parks were found by CareerBliss to be less satisfied that those in military service!

Consider a career in graphic design if you enjoy gaming and spending time on your computer. First, obtain a degree and then, start designing. On average, you will begin at over $45,000 per year. Once you have some experience under your belt, that number jumps to $70,000, right around the ideal income.

Perhaps you have a sweet tooth that you would like to turn into a career. If so, consider becoming a chocolatier. There are several fun jobs that pay well in the field of chocolate. Chocolate creations can bring in big money if you refine your craft and get a job for a high end chocolate producer. If you already have experience in the office, you might want to consider product development or marketing chocolate. You can make a six figure income and get plenty of free samples.

You may also find that working for a winemaker is the career you are looking for. To enjoy the most from a career in winemaking, you need to familiarize yourself with the different grapes and production processes. You might even consider a degree in oenology to help set you apart from the crowd.


Being a pilot lets you travel around the globe and get paid for it. Rather than paying to see the world, pilots make good money, generally upwards of $80,000 every year. Fun jobs that pay well give you the chance to do something that you have always dreamed of. If seeing the world is yours, consider becoming a pilot.

If you like entertaining people, you can do that while making a good income. You even have a couple of options. Magicians are known to mystify the crowds while having a great time perfecting their secret skills. You can create different shows depending on the crowd and make around $50,000 a year once you have established a name for yourself.

Another way you can entertain the crowds is to become a stand-up comedian. If you have a knack for getting people to laugh, this could be the perfect fit for you. As you build a name for yourself on the comedy circuit, you will have the opportunity to travel and maybe even expand your routine to acting in film or television.

If you are not interested in the spotlight but still have a creative side, consider working with flowers. While working for someone else pays the same as an average job, if you couple flower arranging skills with business savvy, you could own or run a successful flower shop.

Maybe you would rather have a job in the great outdoors. If so, think about working for the government in park services. These jobs pay well and give you the chance to spend your work day in nature.

If you want to get away from it all even more, consider becoming an astronaut. There are opportunities for civilians who have a degree and experience in a related field, such as engineering or science. These well paying jobs are out of this world.

And, the tenth job you may consider to have fun and make money is becoming a professional driver. While these skills are often associated with the race track, those with extensive driver training have other options. For instance, teaching others how to handle their vehicles. Wealthy people need instructors in handling their high powered sports vehicles. Why not you?

All of these are fun jobs that pay well. Look over the list again, make a choice and start planning your future career today.

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