Top 10 Easiest Jobs to Land

The economy is changing at a rapid pace and has resulted in some jobs becoming easier to land. These jobs tend to be easy jobs to get due to the overwhelming demand by companies to fill these positions immediately.

So if you are ever one of the lucky ones to see an advertisement for one of the jobs below, be sure to click on it! Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the easiest jobs to get.

10) Event Planner

Event Planner

If you have an eye for details you may have a skill that is currently in high demand. An event planner handles all the behind the scenes work of a meeting or event. This includes choosing the location, arranging transportation and sticking to strict budget plans. Fewer people are applying, and yet the demand is higher than ever. Hospitality experience and enthusiasm is desirable.


9)  Interpreters and Translators

If you are fortunate enough to be fluent in more than one language, one of the easy jobs to get will involve using your skills to interpret or translate. As business continues to grow on a global scale, the need for those who can communicate and translate is also growing. This is a recession-resistant career option that will be in demand for years to come. A degree is desirable, but the chief requirement is being fluent in English and at least one other language.
8)  Market Research Analyst

Businesses are always searching for data which can help improve their existing market. The information gathered can help shine a light on individual consumers and highlight changing trends. It is predicted marketing careers are likely to grow by over 40% by 2020 and will remain in high demand.


7)  Marriage and Family Therapist

The recession and financial troubles have damaged families and ruined marriages. Subsequently, many people are turning to therapists for help. Therapist careers could rise by as much as 40% over the next decade.  However, a Bachelors and Masters Degree are required. This is an easy job to get for those who already have Mental Health qualifications.
6)  Physical Therapists

Physical therapy jobs are expected to increase by 35% by 2020 – job opportunities will be in rural areas or orthopedic settings. To practice, you must hold a master’s degree and a license. A lot of training is involved; however, you will practically walk in to a job once your training is complete.


5) Veterinary Technicians
Pets are increasingly becoming members of the family, and are subsequently receiving more and more advanced health care. Veterinary Technologists are responsible for the bulk of lab work which includes taking blood and urine samples. The growing pet population only increases the demand for this job, and the growth expectancy is currently 50% over the next decade.
4) Biomedical Engineer

The leaps in medical technology have resulted in a boom in the field of Biomedical Engineering. It may be currently a small field, but there are an increasing amount of jobs for those who have the right skills. Biomedical Engineers can work in hospitals, universities, research facilities and government regulatory agencies.

3) Substitute Positions

Whatever your qualification, substituting in your local school district is one of the easy jobs to get. You have to pass a criminal check, so if you have no criminal record you can walk straight in to a job. There are several positions that you can substitute for; emergency substitute positions, substitute teacher aides and substitute medical aides. You do not get benefits, however your pay check is good.

2) Healthcare

For those who are qualified, healthcare jobs remain strong and competitive. The industry is continuing to grow as we live for longer. This is another recession proof career that with the right qualifications is easy to get.


  1. Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineers

We are faced with a number of environmental challenges from waste disposal to global warming. This field is expected to grow the most over the next few years and job opportunities will be easy to come by. A Bachelors Degree is desirable; however, many offer training programmes which pay little to begin with, but can lead to bigger and better things. General Electric promised to hire all that passed their training for the next couple of years.             


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