Top 10 Coolest Jobs in the World

It is said that if you call it “work”, you may need to find somewhere else to make your money. Searching through the various jobs in the world that may fit into that category has proven to be a successful venture.

Some of these positions may seem unusual to a traditionalist but be exactly what the free mind may be searching for. Many can be made doing just about anything for someone else. You may never say the word “work” again. Look at what may be the top 10 coolest jobs in the world.

Wine Taster

  1. If someone were to tell you that your task is to play video games throughout the day, you probably would not complain. Your job description would include finding bugs in the game. You will also give your opinion as to what can be done to improve the game. You will be getting paid to play. You will be hired to play. That has to be one of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world.
  2. Love wine? How about becoming a wine taster a job? If you enjoy wine and blogging, there are many opportunities that may be a shock to you. Sonoma Valley has a multitude of wineries. They can hire to test the wine, live rent free and get a hefty salary. Your responsibilities would include testing the wine and then blogging your opinion on social networks. If you can sell yourself with a YouTube video, you may be selected for one of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world.
  3. Luxury mattress testers are in demand. Luxury mattress manufacturers hire people to sleep on their mattresses to see how comfortable they are. The companies’ feel an outside hires will be more objective with their opinions on whether the mattress stands up to their quality claims. Not bad for someone who likes comfortable mattresses and then reporting the result of their night on a blog.
  4. Chocolate tasting is also an employable talent. People are hired to taste a large variety of chocolates. They in turn, rate the chocolate and post it to their blog. This is not a job for a person with diabetes or one that is weight conscious, but it does taste good and pays well.
  5. If you enjoy water parks and water slides, be advised that they do not just happen. People are hired to taste each and every water slide that is installed. They test the amount of water on the slide. They check the speed of the decent. Each slide is rated as to the amount of fun and degree of safety that the slide has.
  6. Do you enjoy traveling to new places? Is visiting the seven wonders of the world high on your bucket list? There are ways that this can be done without cost to you. In fact, you get paid to visit exotic locations and then write about your experiences. That has to be one of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world. Imagine basking on the beaches of Bora Bora or enjoying the view from the top of Mt. Blanc. Perhaps a trip to the more unique places of the world is your preference. Tourism companies hire people to visit these places and report back to them. They want to know you have experienced and seen. Are the accommodations acceptable? Do the people of the area welcome you as a potential friend? All of this and you still are paid.
  7. Movie critics are another fairly well known job. They watch movies all day. They enjoy the best of the buttered popcorn, mega drinks and nachos followed by candy. The company pays all treats and no limits are set. Another job that does not take the waistline into consideration. After the employee watches the movie, they rate it and simply tell the employer their opinion. Not a hard job, especially if you have not paid your cable bill.
  8. Have you ever dreamt of having a Lamborghini in your driveway? Perhaps the new Lexus is more your style. Companies need to have testers take these luxury cars out for drives before they are shipped to customers. You get to drive the cars where the company desires and then report back to them. They will want to know how the car handled, comfort, reliability and any other points someone would consider after their vehicle arrives. People who buy these cars already have their mind set on quality. It is up to the tester to assure that quality is there.
  9. Google comes to the front when it comes to the top 10 coolest jobs in the world. They have hired two men to ride a ridiculous looking tricycle to ride around France. They are photographing historical sites and other features that may not be accessible by automobile. The tricycle has a pole that holds nine cameras, a computer, generator and GPS. All of this is necessary to capture the sites that are required by Google. As they drive through the country in their identifiable tee shirts and white helmets that are emblazoned with the Google logo, they are paid.
  10. Bed warmers were the rage in days gone by. A London hotel is willing to send a staff member to your room to lie in your bed for five minutes to warm it up. Not that is carrying luxury to the limit.

Explore the world, drink wine, feast on chocolate or whatever else your passion dictates. They can all lead to you finding one of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world.

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