Top 10 Chrome Extensions

Have you been searching for some useful chrome extensions?  Here’s a list of the 10 best ones. Check them out right now!

Chrome Extensions

  1. Panic Button Plus

An amazing extension which allows you to hide some of your tabs, windows, etc with a set of shortcut buttons (like three clicks on the spacebar, two on the backspace button, etc.). This lets you do it within fraction of seconds.

  1. WOT

WOT (Web of Trust) tells you whether the site you are surfing is trustworthy or not. It uses red for warning, orange and green for trusted sites. This is a good one to have.

  1. Rapportive

If you want to look into your gmail contact’s twitter or Facebook page, from your gmail page, this is the extension you need. It opens your contact’s Facebook or twitter profile page in the right column of your gmail page, from which you can have access to their profile.

  1. Google Dictionary

A must-have in your chrome. This gives the meaning of the words you double click in any text you get on the web. It also translates words from other languages to the one of your choice. Just a double-click, and you have it all!

  1. Shareaholic

If you are Facebook or twitter freak, this is perfect for you. This extension allows you to share any link or page you are currently on with just a matter of clicks. You can save the page (video, blogs, etc.), email it or share it through it. It supports many popular sites like Facebook, twitter, yahoo, LinkedIn, etc

  1. IE Tab

Many web pages only work IE. This extension allows the IE page to pop up immediately when you come across such pages, within the chrome page. Hence you don’t have to leave your chrome page.

  1. Cooliris

In Cooliris, there is this thing called “infinite 3-D wall” in which you scroll through millions of pictures. You don’t have to individually click on every picture to see them. You can see images and videos from Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. you can also share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Hover Zoom

A perfect app, which allows you to zoom into pictures just by moving your cursor over the images. Any kind of images from Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. is zoomed. It is not site specific, like most apps of its kind are. It practically works on all the sites.

  1. Auto HD for YouTube

This is my personal favourite. With this, you don’t have to crack your head with the resolution settings of the videos on YouTube every time you click on a video. It automatically sets the video on the HD mode. Enjoy the HD videos hassle free!

  1. Tab Cloud

This awesome extension lets you transfer all the tabs you work on from one computer to another. After installing it and signing into your Google account, it starts saving your browsing sessions, which saves a lot of your time.

Download these exciting and amazing extensions today and enhance your surfing experience in chrome!

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