Top 10 Best Wii Games Ever

With all of the latest and greatest video-gaming hardware available on the market, it’s hard to keep up with the best of the best, such as the top 10 best Wii games. The Wii is an all-around enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Most of the video games available on the Wii are of a family nature. The games engage the players both mentally and physically, which makes them even more interesting. Below is a list of the top 10 best Wii games and why they are so amazing.

10. Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports Resort is a title that you just can’t live without. Most people who have played the Wii have probably played this game at least once. The game was actually included with the Wii system originally. You can play a large variety of family friendly games, such as bowling, tennis, and pool. A lot of the mini-games available from the Wii Sports Resort have gone on to be featured in their own solo game. However, this is the only wii game where you can get all of the greatest together in one place.

9. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
No top ten list for any Nintendo system would be complete without a game from Mario’s worst enemy, Wario. This help secure the Wii’s reputation as the ultimate party system, featuring games that focus on unique mini-games that exercise the mind and test the body. Rather than mini games, these are actually “micro game” that come at you in very quick success. It’s four players, so get the family together and have a blast.

8. Punch-Out!
This is a legendary title that was featured on the top-ten list of the NES and the SNES years ago. Puch-Out returns yet again to put you behind the gloves of an amateur boxer and ask you, “Do you have what it takes to reach the top”? You will fight one opponent after another and find that each one is a little harder than the last.

7. Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri
No top-ten video game list is complete without an expansive RPG title for all of the nerds. This is probably one of the most visually stunning games to be released on the Wii as well. All of the cut scenes and in-game content is rich in detail, story, and gameplay dynamics. Hopefully, there will be plenty more JRPG games to come to the console. Until then, you can be happy playing Monster Hunter Tri over and over again.

6. Okami
A lot of you have probably heard of this title before it came to the Wii. A breakthrough indie game that made a huge splash in the gaming community only a few years ago. Okami has returned to dominate the Wii as well with its incredibly unique game play and breathtaking visual appeal. This is a game that’s as much fun to watch as it is to play.

5. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
It wasn’t long before someone finally made a serious arcade shooting game for the Wii. Prior to the Wii, Duckhunt was probably the last authentic arcade shooting experience on any console. The motion control sensors of the Wii allowed shooting games to reach a new height. Sin & Punishment takes expectation through the roof in an action pack shoot-em-up that you won’t soon forget.

4. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
This next title is a mouthful from Capcom that requires some clever puzzle-solving skills if you hope to beat it anytime this year. Capcom really tests the limits of human thought with complex, yet very enjoyable puzzles. You are on a quest to help two friends (one of which is a monkey) retrieve their lost treasure. If you want a share of the gold, then it’s up to you to solve these fun puzzles one after another.

3. Mario Kart Wii.
The first of two Mario titles on this countdown: Mario Kart Wii is another unique racing adventure that you can only enjoy on a Nintendo system. This is another incredibly strong entry into the racing series and brings plenty of new mini-games, new characters, new racetracks, and new dynamics to this classical franchise. Get into gear and hope to make it into first before your friends.

2. Sonic Colors
Sonic is always a touchy subject. There have been some really great Sonic games and some not-so-great Sonic games over the year. It’s finally time for one of the great ones and Sonic Colors is about as great as they come. Not since the Sega Genesis has Sonic had this much fun chasing down rings and defeating the evil Professor Egghead.

1. Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario
Finally, number one on the list of top 10 best Wii games: Super Paper Mario is not only the number one game on the Wii, but it is the best Mario game released since the initial system. A mix of 3D and 2-Dimensional mayhem, you are once again destined with saving Princess Peach as everyone’s favorite hero: Mario. There are a lot of Mario games on this system, but if you can only choose one, make it Super Paper Mario.

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