Top 10 Best Routers

Most of us would agree when picking out a router to purchase we want to know what is the best and what is worst and what you are getting for your buck.

Picking out a router can be complicating especially cause there seems to be so many different kinds out there from one store to the next and from one internet site to the next.

Here is a count down of the top 10 best routers from least expensive, less valued router to the most expensive and most valued router on the market today as of 2016.

#10 The ZyXEL Wireless Router

ZyXEL Wireless Router
This router offers very good home security settings so that other outside people will not be able to access your internet. It does this by defending your home network with two strong firewall methods. It has a frequency band of 2.412GHz – 2.462GHz. This router costs around $50 in most stores and online.


#9 SMS Barricade Wireless Router
This router is very well equipped all in one networking solution for your home. This router includes data streaming networks and can support high speed internet devices. This is one of the more simple routers available to simply use from room to room. This router usually costs around $62 in stores and online.

#8 Cisco Valet Plus Router
This router has great range for your home and offers good protection including firewalls. This is very much desired because many times hackers and get into your computer and create viruses and damage your computer in other ways. The only bad part it that there is no USB port to offer dual band support. This router ranges from $40-$50 in stores or online.

#7 Asus RT-N15U Wireless-N100
This wireless router will allow you to connect several different USB applications at one time. As well as fast SOHO Networking with quick 300Mbps. This router usually costs anywhere from $90- $100 dollars in stores or online.

#6. AirStation High Power N-300 Wireless Router
This router offers incredible range in the house even allowing you to use your electronic devices outside the house. It offers 300Mbps and a hassle free installation fee when purchased. This router in stores and online costs $60.

#5. D Link Extreme N Wireless Router
This router is one of the best to be able to share internet access with other computers that are running games or other media players at a long distance in the house. This router usually costs around $50 or more in stores and online as well.

#4. Belkin N750 Wireless Router
This is a dual band gigabit router that offers fast 5 GHz wireless speed as well as having two additional USB ports for other devices to use. This router ranges any where from $78 to $80 dollars online and in stores.

#3 Apple Airport Extreme Wireless Router
Apple routers have been known to be some of the best routers. This router offers 750 Mbps and operated 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously which allows you to use with ease all your wireless router devices that you have lying around the house. If you share a hard drive you can print from anywhere which makes this router good for schools, businesses and of course your home. This router ranges around $175 dollars online and in stores.

#2 Netgear Nx 600 Wireless Router
This router has very fast wifi speed of 300 to 300+ with dual band gigbit. This router can share a USB hard drive. This router in stores and online can cost $70 to $75 dollars.

#1. Linksys E4200 Wireless Router
This router has a simultaneous dual band ability with 2.4 and 5 GHz which gives you a maximum speed of 300 to 450+ MBps. This router has a built in media player as well as a powerful antenna. This router offers extremely good parental control which is needed and desired by most parents when looking to buy a good router.

When looking for a router it can be very stressful, but it can also be very easy of you are aware of the different positives and negatives out there to buy. Routers come in all different speeds and abilities and it is important to know all the bells and whistles of the router that you are going to purchase whether it be online or in the store. First place to start is to make a list of the top 10 best routers available and make a note of what they can do and see of that is what you are looking for. By narrowing it down to the top 10 best routers available on the market you will end up saving yourself a lot of trouble and even saving yourself a lot of money. So take your time picking your next router to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

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