Top 10 Best Pixar Movies

When it comes to quality animation and good fun for the whole family, nothing really beats a Pixar movie. The children love it because the characters are naturally funny and colorful, and the adults love it because there is mature humor scattered throughout the films.

And they achieve all of this without the sex and drugs that push most mainstream films today. So when it comes down to the top 10 best Pixar movies, the list really does consist of 10 truly amazing films.

10 – A Bug’s Life

Our first on the list of top 10 best Pixar movies is one centered around the world of insects as none of us could have ever imagined it. Flik, a worker ant, sets out to change his fate by going against the machine that is ant society. Along the way he is met with resistance from those in charge and some unlikely help from others. A great film that shows determination can change everything, and some amazing ‘outtake’ credits.

9 – Toy Story 2

While sequels can be risky for most studios, Toy Story 2 knocks all of that risk factor out of the park. Our loveable cast returns once again, this time to rescue the great Buzz Lightyear from a toy collector. The introduction of Jessie the cowgirl is an added bonus. Sly humor abounds in this one, and is sure to please your family.

8 – Monsters, Inc.

One of the first truly intimidating animations that Pixar studios worked on was Monsters, Inc. There is an extra on the special edition that actually shows how they individually animated each and every one of Sulley’s hairs to give him a realistic look. The movie itself gives us a look at the monsters from our childhood and our children’s dreams in a very different way than we think of them. Playful, fun, and just doing their jobs, Monsters, Inc. earns its place on the top 10 best Pixar movies list easily.

7 – WALL-E

Who knew that the world could fall so in love with a tiny animated trash compactor? Even without speech, WALL-E captured the hearts of millions by showing a range of emotions through a grim future. The overall journey has a positive feel, and ends on a very good note. Fans will not be disappointed watching WALL-E.

6 – Toy Story 3

If the first sequel doesn’t fail, go for another one and see what happens. That’s exactly what Pixar did with Toy Story 3, and it paid off. Once again, our cast returns for another adventure, but this time, Andy is off to college. Hijinks wind up with our cast lost at a horrible daycare center, and they have to fight to survive and get back to their beloved owner.

5 – The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Before Disney acquired Marvel Studios, The Incredibles was their answer for superheroes. The twist however, is that they’re actually all outlawed because of the monetary damage they caused while saving people. A wonderful film and one that constantly gets called for a sequel.

4 – Ratatouille

Set in Paris and focused on a young chef that just wants to cook the most delicious food around and share it with everyone. While it sounds rather standard, that young chef is actually Remy, a Rat. When he teams up with a local kitchen worker Linguini and takes over a kitchen, the laughs just never stop.

3 – Up!


Perhaps one of the first Pixar movies to ever make an audience cry before the first five minutes of the movie are over, Up! delivers a fantastic amount of adventure and companionship stories through clever suspensions of disbelief.

2 – Finding Nemo

A very emotional journey, the story of a father fish that will do anything to protect his son, with all the personality of the ocean following them.

1 – Toy Story

And here it is, the top best Pixar movie of all time, Toy Story. Launching a franchise and touching our hearts all in one go. Toy story is perfect from start to finish. A must see for every family.

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