Top 10 Best Flash Games

Top 10 best flash games- #10 Frogger
The game hasn’t changed much over the years as you try to get the frog across the road while crossing a highway full of cars and trucks. Then you need to hop on moving logs so as to avoid the crocodiles.
Top 10 best flash games- #9 Space Invaders
This is one of the earliest and the very best shooting games that has ever been invented. It must be good because it is listed as one of the top rated video arcade game by the Guinness World Records book.
Top 10 best flash games- #8 Guitar Hero
Guitar hero is an awesome game for all of you musical fans out there. You try to keep up with the notes that speed along the guitar frets. When you strum the ASDF keys at the right time you will receive points. The longer that you can strum the notes correctly the more bonus points you will receive. An added bonus is that there are newer songs being added every month.
Top 10 best flash games- #7 Bejeweled
This is an extremely addictive game where you have to take one gem and replace it with another to align a set of three or more similar gems. You try to make as many combos of gems in different directions so that when they are connected they will explode and disappear and provide you with a bonus of points.
Top 10 best flash games- #6 Pong
This game has to be on the list because it is the first video game ever is done on Flash. It originated in 1972 and the game has a simple format, do not miss the ball as you move your paddle from side to side. It was and still is a fun game to play.
Top 10 best flash games- #5 Matrix
For all of you Matrix movie addicts out there you will have a great time playing this game. In this game you play the lead character Neo. You will be killing those nasty agents as you jump from floor to floor in various buildings. You will have an arsenal of various weapons such as swords, guns, and pretty much everything else. With these assortments of weapons you will be able to get the job done.
Top 10 best flash games- #4 Protector
Protector is a game where you are defending the tower from an onslaught of ravenous rats, monsters and other creepy enemies. You need to utilize your wizards and knights to help you protect the tower. There are a lot of options that you can do to boost up the power of your protectors so that you can focus on special attacks from these hordes of enemies. The game has a simple play format but it involves a great deal of strategy to play it well.
Top 10 best flash games- #3 Tetris
Tetris is maybe the most famous of flash games tat there is in the world today. It definitely has to be considered when you have a top ten flash game list. Tetris is a very addictive game and it can keep you busy at your gaming console for a couple of hours. The Flash version of the game is quite simple and basic, nevertheless for a fun game it is hard to beat Tetris.
Top 10 best flash games- #2 Super Mario

 Super Mario
The Super Mario World game is by far one of the most recognized games that have ever been published. It has sold millions of copies and has become the best selling game for that particular console of all time reaching sales of over 20 million. While the Flash version is not perfect it does deliver a good basic flash game.
Top 10 best flash games- #1 Pacman
Another great arcade game that has been around for decades is Pacman. There has been research that confirmed that over 90% of the American population can identify with the Pacman character.

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