Top 10 Best Documentary Movies in the world

In our society we have numerous issues and problems the need to be highlighted and present in front of the general public. Besides this, there are some of the major incidents and the stories of some brave and extraordinary people are also needed to get explore in front of the whole world. For this purpose a basic and effective tool that is used by the media person is the documentary.

The producers and documentary makers design and record a documentary on any national event that happen in the state, on the astonishing life incidents of people, on general social issues and to explore some of the ground realities.

Sometimes they also use some self generated sorties and present them in the shape of documentaries and short films to give a thought to the society. These documentaries play a great role in any society and click a thought in the mind of people.

Documentaries are been directed from a long time and people love them to watch according to their interest. Here we are listing the best ten documenteries which are liked and loved by the people as a whole and based on different topics from different categories. .

10. Last Train Home

Last Train Home

Last Train Home is a documentary which was filmed in 2009 on the subject of massive migration of working class and labor class towards their home in the New Year’s holidays in China. This award winning documentary was designed to explore and compare the two phases of society and also reflects the emotions of these labors from rural areas that came there to earn money for their families to give them a better life style. The producer Lixin Fan has traveled with a couple who is going through the same condition from last ten years and shares all of their experiences.


9. How to Survive a Plague

How to Survive a Plague

Amazing documentaries How to Survive a Plague is actually based on two activists who are not the doctors or pharmaceutical specialist but they have made several researches and take an amazing revolution for the AIDS patient. They have transformed the final result of AIDS towards survival from the death. Through practice, research and experiments they have proved that through some of medications and precautions a patient can survive. The documentary of 2012 has made a solid impression on the people and other filmmakers as well.


8.  56 Up

 56 Up

At the number eight there is a unique and interesting series of documentary, the Up series which was starts in 1964. The basic theme of the documentary is based on interview in which the researcher and producer Michel Aptid meet 14 different children from different backgrounds and ask them about their life ambitions and interests. And after every seven years he meets them again to evaluate that what are the changes occurs in their lives. 56 Up is another part of this series and definitely a good thing to watch out.


7.  The Invisible War

The Invisible War

The invisible war is an investigative documentary which reveals the most shameful act in the country; it is about the rape of female soldiers by the fellow soldiers in US military. The female soliders of the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan have faced a lot of assaults and get raped by the fellows. The documentary covers the numerous cases and also adds up the interviews of some of the higher professionals from military and congress. Due to the unique script and exposure of some of the astonishing facts this documentary is at the number seven in our top rank list.


6.  Afghan Star

Afghan Star

The Afghan Star was made by the Havana Marking in 2008, the basic background of the documentary was to find out and explore the influence and reaction of the show Afghan Star which was a talent hunt show placed in Afghanistan to find out the best singer of the country. As the Taliban considers that singing and music is not good and an evil deed so after taking over the government they banned it. But after 2001 when a show like American idol, The Afghan Star was started there then statistics tells that the third part of the total population watch this program regularly. Due to this different concept Afghan Star is at sixth position.


5. Waste Land

Waste Land

Waste Land succeeds to restore the fifth position in the list just because of the different concept and amazing mixture of different factors in it. Basically it is a journey of an artist Vik Muniz who travels to the native Brazil from his house to capture the garbage world with his camera. There he captures some of the amazing moments and reveal some astonishing facts.


4. Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil is actually based on the story of an actual child molester who abuse the children in a church who believes him. He molests the children for two decades and then went freely without any encounter. When his actions revealed on his higher then they give him an option to leave and go another place instead of passing him to the legal department.


3.  The Interrupters

The Interrupters

The interrupters are actually based on three violence interrupter who resists against the violence in their city. The documentary captures the high profile incidents that happen in the Chicago especially in the documentary. Due to these realities and actualities this documentary is at the third position in the rank.


2.  Taxi to the Dark Side

Taxi to the Dark Side

At the number two we have a documentary with a different and amazing storyline which is based on original incident of US administration. It is base on the incident when an Afghan driver was arrested and handed over to the US militant forces with a claim that he is involved in a rocket attack and after few days he found head with multiple injuries. The documentary tells the whole incident and circumstances which are involved in the whole story.


1. Man On Wire

Man On Wire

At the top of the list we have the documentary Man on Wire which is based on the real story of the French wire artists named Philippe Petit. He performs an amazing and shocking act by tying a thin string between two towers of world trade center and not only walk on it but also perform some of the aerobic acts as well.

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