Top 10 Best Cruises For Families

Anyone that has ever driven across the country with two small children in the backseat knows the terror of a family vacation. There is crying, fighting, complaining about not having enough rest stops.

And there is never enough music on the radio to help stave off the terror of your better half losing their mind in a hot car in the middle of the freeway. So when planning your next family vacation, why not go with a family cruise?

Put your kids on a boat and enjoy beautiful views and exciting adventures. To help you pick the one best for your family, here are the top 10 best cruises for families to take!

10 – Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas – One of the worlds largest cruise ships, the Oasis of the Seas not only offers an award winning children’s program with everything from zip-lines to ice-skating rinks, but also offers adults many fun activities as well! Not to mention the raw beauty of the Caribbean is just over the side of the ship.

9 – Star Princess – Many people forget that Alaska has amazing cruises as well, and that not all cruise ships are tropical weather. While this may be hard to sell to your family, your children will get to see and learn all about glaciers and the native endangered wildlife. There is a children’s yoga program so your kids can unwind while you do, and even a junior chefs program that your children can cook and eat their own food. Talk about a parents dream.

8 – Disney Fantasy – There wouldn’t be a proper top 10 best cruises for families list around if we didn’t include a Disney cruise. With a real water coaster on the ships deck and Disney characters having fun all over the ship, any Disney cruise is fun for all ages. And when you enjoy that water coaster, enjoy the few seconds that you’re actually out over the side of the ship!

7 – Crystal Serenity – While a bit pricey for anyone from America to ship their family from stateside to Europe for the cruise, the Crystal Serenity is a staple cruise for families of all ages in Europe. One of the biggest offers the Crystal Serenity has are the specials it runs where any kid under 18 can get on free during select sailings with their parents.

6 – Queen Mary 2 – A luxury high class cruise ship for adults and children alike. Not only are there professional British nannies for the youngest guests, but older children get video game systems in their rooms to keep them out of Mom and Dads hair. At night, children can attend fancy ballroom dances with their parents in wonderful tuxes and dresses.

5 – Norwegian Breakaway – A brand new cruise ship with five multistory water slides on deck is bound to draw the attention of older children. And your younger kids get a nice personal water park and pajama parties with costumed TV characters.

4 – Carnival Breeze

 Carnival Breeze

Carnival Cruise line in the Caribbean is famous for a reason. Your family will get to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean while playing on the sky ropes course or in the on deck water park. Fun for all ages is bound to be had on any Carnival ship.

3 – Royal Princess – In service for just one month now, the Royal Princess has dedicated children’s areas both indoors and outdoors. Kids playscapes and parks dot the ship so that they are always entertained. Teenagers have their own club like setting where they can hang out and mingle with their own age while relaxing like celebrities.

2 – Disney Magic – For the European side of the cruise liners, the Disney Magic gives adults and children of all ages the true Disney dream experience. While aboard the ship, your family is treated like the royalty that we have come to know and love in Disney movies. And for the younger children, expect many excited gasps when the Disney princes and princesses actually show up to dinner.

1 – Lindblad’s National Geographic Endeavour – Education meets relaxation on this smaller cruise ship in the Galapagos Islands. For anyone with children interested in the world or for families simply wishing to expand their horizons, this cruise is the one for you. While there are no children specific play areas, there are many creative areas to make and learn, including bridge visits with the captain so your kids can see how the ship actually works.

So with the top 10 best cruises for families sitting on your screen, toss aside that idea of driving across the country for the tenth time, and go on a cruise that you and your family will never forget.

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