Top 10 Best Assault Rifles

When it comes to guns, the assault rifle is one that shows a lot of power. If you are interested in knowing more about which are the better ones, read this list of the Top 10 Best Assault Rifles.

10. FN FAL


This is a gas-powered weapon that is extremely lightweight. It is capable of firing 7.62x51mm rounds single fire or automatic. It was originally produced by a weapons manufacturer in Belgium and is well known for being the most popular weapon used by NATO forces.


9. Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG


The range of the rifle is what secured its placed on this list of the Top 10 Best Assault Rifles. It can shoot up to a whopping 2700 meters. This is the most popular weapon used by the Australian army. This is probably because this rifle can fire about 700 rounds in a minute.


8. STG 44

STG 44

This weapon was first produced by a German gun manufacturer. It is considered the most deadly of all of the available rifles and it was used extensively during World War II. There is a telescope made into the gun, which gives the shooter a simple way to accurately hit hos target.


7. M4A1


This is an assault rifle that offers sharp accuracy, which is why many special operations groups hail this as being their weapon of choice. It is very similar to an M16, but it is a bit smaller and lighter, which makes it much easy to carry and fire. It is a standard military gun and it is featured a lot in video games.




This gun was invented by Paul Tellie in the late 1970s and manufactured by a French company. This rifle is rectangular in shape and it can shoot up to 3200 meters. This weapon was largely used during the Lebanon War and the war in Bosnia. The shooting range distinguishes it from other guns in its class.


5. SVT 40

SVT 40

Invented by Fedor Tokarev, this rifle has an edge over others in its class because it has the ability to reload by itself and it utilized the gap operated principle. This gun was invented in the Soviet Union and it was widely used during World War II.


4. M16 Rifle

M16 Rifle

This rifle is manufactured in the United States of America and it is very popular amongst several security forces. This is because it is very lightweight and it has the capability to cause a lot of damage. It can shoot about 700 rounds in one minute and it has an automatic fire system. This rifle was used extensively in wars in Afghanistan, Iran and the Persian Gulf.




This gun is lightweight, extremely accurate and it has a great range. The piston system used in the gun is different from in any other weapon in its class. The recoil is light and flat. It was designed to be used in operations that are extremely dangerous. In recent times, United States security forces have used this assault rifle in various operations.


2. HK 416

HK 416

This assault rifle is different from others because it has the ability to shoot through sand, water and mud. It runs off of a piston system, which means that it is less likely that it will jam. It shoots 900 rounds per minute and it is easy to cool off once it starts to overheat. By the time you open the rifle and remove the heating rod it will be ice-cold. It is an adaptable gun and it is highly preferred by the Australian Special Air service and the United States Navy Seals.


1. AK 47

AK 47

Of course I had to save the best for last. This rifle has been tested in many ways and it has passed every time. It has been filled with water, mud and any other substance imaginable and it still manages to work like a charm. It was originally produced in the USSR and it was used widely during the 2nd World War. The rounds have a lot of kinetic energy and once fired they can hit a target is 440 yards away. It was built to withstand terrible conditions and it can fire 900 rounds in only a minute. Once it is empty, it can be reloaded very quickly, which is the main reason why it is on this list of the Top 10 Best Assault Rifles.

There are lots of weapons being produced every day, but none of them can do nearly as much as assault rifles. While these are seen by many people as being very dangerous weapons that have caused many undue problems, you have to blame the people that chose to use them irresponsibly. These assault rifles were built to do a good job, and that is exactly what they do.

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