Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns: Entry Pistols

Best Airsoft Guns: Entry PistolsThere are many virtual games that allow men and women to take on the form of a soldier. But for the true outdoor player, Airsoft Guns are a great choice.

One of the best ways to get into airsoft guns is by picking up a quality airsoft pistol. For those that aren’t familiar with the world of airsoft guns, choosing your first pistol may be a little hard. So for anyone that needs a little help, here are the top 10 best airsoft guns (entry pistols).


10. WE 1911

The bottom of our list pulls in a wonderful beginner pistol that anyone new to the game can easily use. Unlike some of the more advanced guns, the WE 1911 is super easy to take apart and put back together, so no new user has to worry about complexities with their first pistol.

9. WE M9

As with most WE guns, the WE M9 makes another wonderful beginner pistol. While the quality of the WE guns aren’t the sturdiest, you get a lot of bang out of your buck when buying them.

8. KJW 1911

If the WE guns are the most basic beginner guns, then the KJW guns are the next step up. The KJW 1911 is one of the most purchased airsoft pistol by beginners around the world. While they are cheaper than other guns on the market, they are often used as a cheap gun for anyone to just go out and play with, so they make a nice entry into the top 10 best airsoft guns list for beginner pistols.

7. Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle

Moving past the cheaper brands to what can be considered the golden gun of standards for airsoft pistols. With a great kick that only gets harder with a full metal conversion kit and a massive intimidating appearance, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle will give any player a run for their money.

6 – Tokyo Marui 5-7

Tokyo Marui storms the list again by producing a super accurate airsoft pistol that actually comes equipped with a flashlight. It is super solid and can take a beating if need be. For anyone looking to start getting serious in the airsoft world, any Tokyo Marui will do that, but the 5-7 will give you a serious advantage at a decent price point.


5 – Tokyo Marui Xtreme .45

Looking for an airsoft pistol that will truly storm the field and strike terror into your opponents? Look no further than the Tokyo Marui Xtreme .45 with its full auto firing mode coupled with the high accuracy granted by the Tokyo Marui legacy. The downside however, is that you can’t exactly use it to take part in any semi auto only matches.

4 – KWA H&K USP (Compact)

The USP Compact makes a wonderful gun to upgrade to when a player is looking to finally pack a super hard punch while feeling like a very real pistol in your hand. The compact design gives it a lighter weight than the standard size gun while still kicking has hard as an angry mule.


Nearly identical to the fourth entry on our list, the KWA ATP is a wonderful gun with a few advantages. The ATP fits almost perfectly in any hand, avoiding that clunky feeling that some other guns may provide. The precision firing ensures that bullets fly as straight as the wind will allow, giving superior accuracy to anyone looking for a target.

2 – KSC G18c

For our second place entry, the KSC G18c is basically an amped up ATP. Accurate, hard hitting, form fitting, but with one major advantage over the ATP. Full auto firing mode with extreme gas efficiency.

1 – Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi capa

Coming in as the number one entry in our top 10 best airsoft guns list for entry pistols is another wonderful Tokyo Marui gun. The high capacity part gives a wonderful option for more magazines, which in turn can save money.

But the real perk of this gun is that the accuracy is spot on, the gas is super efficient, and the punch is harder than anyone could ask for. It truly is one of the most perfect airsoft pistols out there.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns: Entry Pistols

So now that you’ve got ten fantastic entry pistols, get out there and try your hand at airsoft! Below is an search bar where you can find the best prices for your first airsoft pistol.

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