Top 10 Best Airlines When Flying with Kids

Flying with kids is hard enough, but when your airline isn’t helping you out, what is a parent to do? You need to find the top 10 best airlines which help you deal with getting kids on a plane and helping them to have a good trip.

You need to know before you fly – which airlines offer food for your kids? Which provide a place for baby to rest? Which offer toys, games and books to ensure your child is totally entertained, even if the digital entertainment options which are available aren’t to their liking? To keep your sanity and that of those around you, check out the list of options below.

10. Cathay Pacific – Tons of amenities are available for your kids on this airline. They have bassinets for babies who need to sleep on the plane, for example. They also provide meals for babies, kids meals and a backpack full of baubles.

9. JetBlue – Despite the cheap price of flying with this airline, you do get some great services when you have kids. For example, the entertainment in flight has many options geared towards little ones. They even offer a children’s lounge in the airport so that kids can be entertained before the flight even begins.

8. Japan Airlines – Baby and child meals must be pre-booked, but are available. They also have “Baby Kits” available, which include diapers and wipes, food, a bib and bottle as well as formula, but you must request one before your flight. For kids, a very nice assortment of items is available in their “Kid Kit”. For example, it can include stationery and pencils, eraser and a ruler. Sometimes it even includes Lego, model vehicles, plush toys and origami!

7. Singapore – As with other airlines on this list, meals for infants and children are provided, as are bassinets. On top of this, they can also provide free diapers and wipes, bottles and bibs as well. All kids under 12 get a goodie bag with slippers, a watch, a stuffed toy and an activity book, all branded with Dora the Explorer.

6. British Airways – On top of bassinets, this airline also provides baby seats. They’ll warm up your baby food and bottles as well. If your flight is longer than three hours, they’ll provide a backpack with electronic games, plush toys and sticker books. They also provide digital entertainment in the form of movies and television networks.

5. Lufhansa – When it comes time for your kids to eat, their kid’s menu will leave them in stitches thanks to the hilarious names for the meals available. They will warm bottles for smaller children as well. From coloring books to puzzles, there are many onboard things to do provided.

4. Air New Zealand – One beautiful perk of being a child on this airline is that you get your meals before your parents! This ensures that kids aren’t whining about how hungry they are as everyone around them is fed. Formula, baby food, diapers, bassinets and “Kid Packs” with stuffed toys are all available on the flight.

3. Emirates – When it comes to digital entertainment, the sky is truly the limit. They provide literally hundreds of television channels along with audio books, games and even Disney movies. The goodie bag they provide to your children is truly full of treats and, if it is your child’s birthday, they’ll even provide them with a cake!

2. Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic


When it comes to keeping your kids entertained, this airline has all of the bases covered. They provide TV channels with kid-friendly options to ensure that even slow times are fun time. On top of that, they provide kids with a backpack full of fun treats to keep them busy on the flight. From complimentary bottles to diapers, they will truly make your flight a good one.

1. Gulf Air – This airline allows families to check in first, ensuring the stress is less when you fly with them. When you are on a long flight, their “Sky Nannies” will watch your kids while you get some rest. How amazing is that? When it comes to the top 10 best airlines, this truly takes the cake!

Now that you know which airlines make flying with children more enjoyable, you need to figure out which will get you to your destination. Don’t forget to do some preparation on your own – make a list of the things your kids will need, from diapers to toys to games to books – to ensure that you don’t miss anything as you pack. Check out the carry on rules of the airline you choose and then adhere to them, but still bring things to entertain your child on the plane. The more prepared you are, the better your flight with one of the top 10 best airlines will be.

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