Top 10 Antivirus Software

Keeping your computer protected is the primary instinct of every true PC owner because there’s more than precious memories stored on a hard drive. Computers are investments that must be secured as best as possible, but with new software being released at a rapid pace offering a better protection plan than the competition it can make for a complicated decision. Simplify your antivirus protection needs with the following ten best systems all reviewed on the Windows 7 platform.

10. Vipre Antivirus:

The Vipre Antivirus program is recommended for its quick and effective protection against viruses, risky emails and spyware. The software falls short when tested for preventing infections only scoring 3.5 out of 6. Overall, this software package is recommended as an effective choice for personal home computers.

9. Trend Micro Titanium:

Trend Micro Titanium

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus makes a name for itself with its leverage of cloud storage for small coding footprint on the user’s hard drive. The software’s shortcomings only occur because it didn’t achieve the highest computer repair test score on Windows 7. Nevertheless, Trend offers an easy platform for antivirus protection that combines tradition and modern convention.

8. Avast Pro Antivirus:

The Avast Pro Antivirus package features virtual desktop, sandbox browsing and reputation based link scanning to allow users to worry less about site visitation. The software’s major flaw is that it doesn’t offer an antiphishing application to protect user data. The Avast name has made its mark with its highly effective program that many users refer others to.

7. AVG Antivirus:

When selecting the AVG Antivirus software, users are certain of quality because of the rigorous testing completed to achieve high levels of performance. The only downside to this software package is customer service is only available online, Phone calls will not be accepted.

6. Bullguard Antivirus:

Bullguard Antivirus

The Bullguard Antivirus platform is one of the best packages for Windows 7 to protect from malware, viruses and any harmful cookies to attract viruses. The software falls short on their repair qualities in coverage. Overall, this program is one of the most user-friendly around.

5. G Data Antivirus:

G Data Antivirus has the capability to scan simultaneously on two separate engines speed up your system evaluation. Unfortunately, the program is missing features such as battery saving and link scanner modes.

4. F-Secure Anti-Virus:

The F-Secure Antivirus software uses a one of a kind interface to keep users in touch with all available resources. This software lacks ant phishing; nevertheless it contains one of the most impressive packages available.

3. Norton Antivirus:

The classic Norton Antivirus improves itself with increased safety on social networks. The software falls short with its better protection options on the more expensive Internet Security package.

2. Kaspersky Antivirus:

Kaspersky is one of the few antivirus packages on windows 7 to detect threats with a 100% success rate. The only downfall to selecting this package is its higher price than other antivirus software available.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender leads the way for Antivirus software with its amazing customer support, savvy interfaces, ease of use and great price. In protection, repair and usability this software scored perfectly in all AV Windows 7 testing.

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